5 Places for a Full Body Recovery


January 6, 2019


Tis the season for new workout memberships and fitness goals, as the New Year is right around the corner. But don’t forget to make room for recovery in your schedule! No matter your fitness regimen, it’s important to slow down and take care of your body to ensure top performance. Luckily, Dallas is home to some of the best in the recovery biz to alleviate pain, relieve sore muscles, and more so your heart rate monitor doesn’t skip a beat. And who knows, you might run into your favorite fitness instructor doing the same thing!




Preston Center

Located in Preston Center, this quaint space is minimal in design as their sole purpose to: stretch. Upon entering, you’ll meet with a stretch therapist, target any specific areas or muscle groups, and begin your session. Each stretch therapist communicates with you during the 30 minute session to assess levels of pain and ensure your gaining flexibility. You’ll walk out of there feeling more mobile with less soreness, and lighter overall!

8307 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75225  | website

Dallas Stretch Four Life

Turtle Creek

This small and privately owned business is run by boss lady Susie Burkybile who practices Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). FST is designed to improve posture, prevent injury, alleviate pain, and promote relaxation. As a great recovery option, you’ll receive an individual assessment with custom exercises to do outside of your sessions to ensure your body recovers to the best of its abilities.

3011 Hood St #205, Dallas, TX 75219 | website

Phoenix ReGen Center

Preston Center

And on the other side of Preston Center, Phoenix ReGen provides Cryo services to the “everyday athlete” and supports all levels of fitness. They provide a multitude of services with knowledgeable staff who will guide your through every step of your session and distract you from those freezing temps with fun and light conversation!

6021 Berkshire Ln, Dallas TX 75225 | website


Uptown, Preston Royal

With two locations in Dallas, one at Preston & Royal and the other on Cedar Springs, Cryo1one is available for your recovery needs no matter where you are in Dallas. They not only provide Cryotherapy at both businesses, but also attend events where they provide Cryofacials to increase blood flow and produce glowing skin.

6025 Royal Ln #219 – 2, Dallas, TX 75230 | 3818 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219 | website

The Sports Pod

Design District

Regardless of age or athletic ability, the doctors at The Sports Pod have your back...or your knee, shoulder, wrist, or wherever you feel your aches and pains. Located inside of a crossfit box in the Design District, you’ll be greeted by a team of chiropractors who are ready to help, all while engaging in entertaining conversation to help make those painful moments a little less painful.

155 Parkhouse St, Suite. 160, Dallas, TX | website