5 Reasons You Need Local App Modern Maids This Fall


September 2019

Modern Maids is a top-rated green cleaning service in Dallas (and Austin) that makes it easier than ever before to book a trusted cleaner! 

Having a clean home is about more than just it looking nice. According to Verified Cleaning Pro, it’s recommended to do a thorough cleaning every two weeks to keep dust and allergens away and to live in a healthy environment! If you book a cleaning for every two weeks with Modern Maids, you’ll save 15%! 

Book now and for $20.00 off your first cleaning, use code “20MM” at checkout! Modern Maids delivers on these 5 promises when you book a cleaning with them. 

Saves you time

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You can book in 60 seconds on your computer or download the app, and the booking process is clean and simple. You select your zip code, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, date and any extras that meet your needs for tidying up, like inside the oven or fridge, a load of laundry, or move in/out cleaning! 

On average, a first-time deep clean for a small apartment takes 3 hours and for a larger home takes 5-6 hours. You’ll get all that time back to relax while Modern Maids takes care of cleaning your home!

safety first

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Modern Maids rigorously vets all of their Cleaners, who undergo background and reference checks as well as in-person interviews. The cleaners are experienced and professional, and English-speaking. When you’re in a pickle to have your home cleaned, you may be willing to settle for a friend of a friend’s referral. Modern Maids makes it possible to book a same-day cleaning with the guarantee that  a skilled, trusted professional will go above and beyond for every job. 

Only the best quality

Photo courtesy of Modern Maids Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Modern Maids Facebook Page


Similar to ride-sharing apps, customers are able to leave reviews of Cleaners and only those who are highly rated will clean your home. The ability to leave a review is a great perk, in our opinion, because in general there’s no easy way to 1) research reviews of a cleaner who may be randomly referred by a friend and 2) give honest feedback to a cleaner without feeling a little awkward! 

seamless communication

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Don’t worry about playing phone tag with a cleaner. With online communications, it’s easy to select exactly what you need and book a trusted cleaner who will get the job done. You can opt into emails and texts for notifications about your service too! 

cash-free payment

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Didn’t have time to run to the bank before the Cleaner arrives? No worries, Modern Maids operates on cash free payment so taking cash out is completely unnecessary! You can pay and tip all through the app. This will help you track your pricing history and budget for cleanings, and relieve the stress of guesstimating the right amount of cash to leave in an obvious spot on the counter.

A clean home is a happy home! Book now and for $20.00 off your first cleaning, use code “20MM” at checkout.

Article sponsored by Modern Maids Dallas.