10 Female-Focused Organizations to Join


January 11, 2019


Ladies, this one’s for you!

Through navigating the real world and working world as a woman, it’s become apparent that it’s important for women to have a strong support system around them. Meeting new people can be hard, especially if you’re new to DFW, so we’ve compiled a list of some organizations you can join if you want to add some other amazing women to your circle. Hopefully this list helps you grow both your personal and professional relationships by putting you in touch with some fellow, local Dallas girl bosses!

DALLAS GIRL GANG  ( photo courtesy of KLayne Photography)

DALLAS GIRL GANG (photo courtesy of KLayne Photography)


WHAT: This community-focused group is filled with women who want to help each other succeed in every aspect of their lives. Assorted events are hosted throughout the year to cater to the professional needs of women, particularly those with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to build their personal brands and relationships. This org supports women who run their own businesses by partnering with them at events. You’ll see entrepreneurs speaking at many Dallas Girl Gang gatherings, or setting booths and selling their products to guests.



WHAT: Yes, Bumble could potentially help you find your bae, but it could also help you become a girl boss! It’s the best of both worlds! Bumble Dallas hosts so many fun events throughout the year. Their professional events bring in some incredible speakers and often have goodies for you to take with you. Plus, you’ll leave with some knowledge you can use to help build your brand.



WHAT: The newest in the group, Her.HQ is launching in January 2018 and promises to promote the “betterment of women through intentional community and shared experiences,” according to Founder and CEO Cassi Oesterling. She names Her.Hq as the the first female-targeted community and pop-up workspace in the DFW area when it officially opens.

Cassi noticed that women were becoming more interconnected through digital platforms like social media, but failing to meet others at a smaller, localized level. This organization will hopefully create a space where women can meet and support each other as they grow personally and professionally!


  • Visit their website and request an invite

  • Follow on Instagram to stay up-to-date on launch and event announcements


WHAT: Don’t worry, you won’t be escorted down any stairs in a white dress in this organization. Founded in 1944 as the Junior Arts League of Dallas, the group focuses on serving the Dallas community and connecting young women with common interests, including volunteerism. The group holds several events throughout the year, both social and philanthropic, to support their yearly beneficiary. Additionally, every year, there is a black tie gala members get to enjoy!


  • The Cotillion Club takes members on a bi-annual basis. If you know someone in the club, you can ask them to nominate you or you can email cotillionclubmembership@gmail.com for information about joining.

  • Visit their website to learn more


WHAT: This young professtional womens’ organization is really great if you’re trying to make more friends. Circle Seven Five hosts events throughout the Metroplex to help you meet and mingle with other amazing women, while also connecting to the community. The org has both membership tiers to enjoy the various events and also has membership perks called “happies” that provide discounts at restaurants, stores and wellness spots around town!


  • Head to the website to create an online profile and choose which membership tier you want. There are multiple options, starting at $9.99, to ensure you are picking a tier that suits your needs.

  • Look out for the CSF app coming early 2019!


WHAT: Founded by Bree Clarke, the idea behind is Iman Project is to bring women together through style, design and workshops. Bree hosts a myriad of workshops “where every female is welcomed no matter your background, age, skin color, religion or walk of life.” Workshops consist of everything from woven wall hangings, floral arrangements, learn the art of calligraphy, abstract painting, sketching, candle making and more!


Boss Women Media

WHAT: Marty McDonald, CEO of Boss Women Media, believes her organization gives women the tools needed to propel their careers forward and connect with other like-individuals who want to make an impact in their respective industries. “Women need to see successful women in all lanes that are creating pathways for others, and that’s why we believe this is extremely important for the support to be full circle,” McDonald says.



WHAT: Fort Worth is a beautiful, fun, and vibrant town, three aspects of the city that Fort Worth Mavens wanted to highlight, along with the women in the community who add to its vibrancy. “Fort Worth Mavens helps showcase the best trends, lifestyles, and creative types” while promoting healthy relationships, says Fort Worth Mavens Founder Rebeca Garcia.

Though this is a women’s group, they also have a special place for their “support systems,” which often means their life partners. The organizers love to see their significant others show up at events, or help support their initiatives.



WHAT: The Junior League of Dallas (JLD) is considered one of the most prestigious and revered organizations for women here in DFW. The women of JLD have been impacting the Dallas community since the 1920s. Now, in present day, thousands of women still volunteer their time and share their talents with businesses and non-profits all across Dallas.


  • To gain membership, women must attend an information session, receive support from two Junior League sponsors, and fill out an application form. If chosen for the program, women are welcomed into a group that advocates for the development of women through leadership seminars, mentorship, and volunteer opportunities.

Visit their website for more information on the group and applying!


WHAT: If you need a pick me up after a long day, head to the SheBelongs Fort Worth Instagram page. Talk about positive energy! The founders of this organization make sure their followers feel loved. The co-founders say their group is for everyone, not just influencers! Many of the SheBelongs Fort Worth events are meant to help you make a new friend or two! Whether it’s a holiday party close to Christmas, or a pumpkin carving in the fall, the events are aimed to make you feel warm and cozy inside—just like a good friend should. The ladies of this group truly live out the mission statement of this organization: “I belong. You belong. She Belongs.”