Lights, Camera, Action: What to Expect at The Dallas Opera


October 14, 2018


Close your eyes and imagine an outing to the opera. When we do, we see ladies and gentlemen who look like Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson dressed up, on their best behavior, and feeling very eager and excited to see a spectacular, enlightening show. But, what can you expect to actually see when you go to The Dallas Opera?

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The building itself

First, you will see the The Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, an iconic building in Dallas. The Opera House is a 21st century reinterpretation of the traditional “horseshoe” shaped opera house and is one of the nation’s premiere performing art venues. Inside, the principal performance space has gold leaf covered balconies, and a chandelier made of more than 300 LED rods that retract into the ceiling prior to performances. It is truly a sight to be seen!

What to eat at Drink

There is a variety of light food and drinks served at the Winspear - and it is important to indulge because shows typically last 2.5-3 hours. Yet, we would highly recommend dining beforehand at one of the local restaurants that has given outstanding support to The Dallas Opera: Salum on Cole Ave; Musume and Flora Street Cafe directly across Flora from the Winspear Opera House; Jorge’s in One Arts Plaza; The Pyramid Room at Fairmont Dallas in the Arts District; Savor Restaurant in Klyde Warren Park; and the Center Cafe in the AT&T Performing Arts Cente

Did you arrive early?

If you arrive to the Opera House early then you may join The Joy and Raonal Mankoff Pre-Opera Talk that takes place in Hamon Hall one hour prior to each performance. Otherwise, just relax and people-watch (you might see Kate and Jack!).

What to wear

You will also see that people wear whatever makes them feel like a million bucks to the opera. That may range from a favorite pair of jeans to a favorite evening gown! Most popular attire is business casual.

Now take your seats

Now, it is time to take your seats. Sit back, relax, turn off your cell phone, and enjoy the show! The show will only be in English if it was originally composed in English. If the show is funny, laugh! If you are impressed with the singing, once a song has finished, applaud and cheer “bravo” or “brava!” There will be a twenty-minute intermission that you can use as a bathroom, cell phone, or bar break - or all of the above! You can also purchase tickets to future shows at the box office during intermission.

Once the curtains go back down, the magic will be over, at least for the night, and it is time to return home. But you will feel a tinge of regret set in if you did not purchase tickets at intermission to visit again so make sure you do so!

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