Eleven IV Brings IV Therapy to Dallas


April 24, 2019


We love how our culture has been shifting to recognize more our mental health, wellness, and body health. There is a big awareness out there right now on ways to better integrate wellness beyond just your traditional ideas of working out, into your daily routine. And we are excited to introduce the new Eleven IV, a brand new IV clinic from the same team behind Eleven Wellness, offering Dallasites IV hydration and vitamin drips!

And P.S. if you’re thinking that IV’s are only for hospitals and emergency rooms, well they aren’t! While a relatively new concept for us thinking of them as anything more, they are great for athletic recovery, hydration, better sleep, more energy, a strong immune system, healthy hair, skin and nails, weight loss, allergy support.  

The Concept

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The Concept

According to the manager, “the average adult’s body is composed of approximately 60-65% water and despite consuming the recommended amount of water every day, many are still affected by dehydration.” Eleven IV Therapy uses IV fluids and vitamins to replenish cells, naturally and efficiently, and treat a huge number of issues and concerns, including dehydration, hangovers, jet-lag, migraines, skin health, athletic recovery, anti-aging and weight loss, among many others!

The Space

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The Space

We dropped by for a visit and were blown away with how awesome the space and concept really are! The studio has five different rooms, each for different numbers of groups, or if you go in solo, you can hang in the single executive therapy room with a tricked out massage chair! Or if you want to go with a group of friends, your sports team, your hangover crew etc, you can chill in “The Lounge,” the biggest room with a large sectional sofa and chairs. And all five rooms have wifi and a TV that is hooked up to Netflix and Amazon Prime, so your hour appointment will fly by!

The products

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The products

Eleven IV sources the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade IV vitamin ingredients available, prepared and delivered by our team of experienced registered nurses. With delivery of the vitamins and fluid directly into the bloodstream, absorption is increased, making it much more effective than oral consumption, like your everyday vitamins. IV therapy can help boost performance, refresh skin, decrease inflammation, strengthen immunity, and increase energy.

In addition to the range of IV therapies offered, several “shots”, including Skinny to aid metabolism, Energizing for a quick pick me up, and Calming to ease anxiety, along with oxygen therapy are available.

The cost

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The cost

The IV’s begin at $75 with the Recovery, to save us from our Sunday morning hangovers, and go up from there, depending on the combination of vitamins you want! Or you can even create your own custom combination to best fit your body’s needs.

The shots range from $25-30 and IV add-ons, like a “Mood Lift” or “Workout Recovery” cost either $30 or $50.

Lastly, Eleven IV also offers three types of oxygen at $2/minute!

To summarize, you’ll go into Eleven IV either hungover or sore or dehydrated, and come out feeling like a completely new person! While the concept might be hard to wrap your head around, it really is so cool and will be a huge game changer in so many ways!

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This article was sponsored by Eleven IV.