Help Revamp Your Home with EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint


March 6, 2019


In Dallas, we are really lucky that we have affordable home prices compared to other big metro areas around our country. In fact, we have more friends here who own homes, than we do in any other place! So if you fit into that category, it’s time to get creative! One of the cons we often find of owning a home, is nothing ever changes. It’s fun to redecorate, move things and change things up, so we are really thankful for the EasyCare Paint to literally make it easy to do so!

How? Well, we found out first-hand at the True Value Spring Reunion in Dallas last week where we learned more about EasyCare Paint. Not only was EasyCare Brand Ambassador and lifestyle expert, Camille Styles, there to help talk through her own design projects and what colors and ideas could help craft our own projects, but there were also several color consultants there too. In fact, we met Cynthia Cornell, EasyCare Color Expert, whose job it is to name the different paint colors, which is so cool, while at the same time, awesome knowing how much time and attention to detail EasyCare Paint puts into their process and products.

It was so nice having an interactive experience while getting to know a brand personally - it definitely helped set EasyCare Paint apart as an innovative leader in the paint industry for us! So what did we learn and why is EasyCare Paint the best?!  Let us tell you!



Their paint is a paint-and-primer in one that offers superior durability, smooth application, impeccable finish and rich color. EasyCare Paint is low-odor, low-VOC and 100% acrylic.


EasyCare Paint has superior stain resistance and delivers long lasting color and performance to turn your design inspirations into reality.


Ok this is a big one, as we know personally, the pain of having allergies. We are constantly sneezing from irritants and pollutants that go into household products so we are really happy that EasyCare Paint does not fit into that category!

In fact, the paints are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). EasyCare Interior Paint* minimizes irritants and pollutants in the air, creating a healthier indoor environment and allowing you to enjoy newly painted spaces sooner.


EasyCare Paint is available in flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens in both interior and exterior paint. That means not only can you go hog wild with the inside of your home, but the outside too! You could practically have a whole new home by the end of your project!

So now for the hard part...what color?! Check out for curated color palettes and color gallery to mix and match what color fits best in your home.

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This article was sponsored by EasyCare Paint.