Let's Taco'bout It: Our 14 Top Taco Spots


Updated October 2019

The question is not where can you find a taco in Dallas - it’s where can’t you? And with so many choices, we wanted to spotlight the top twelve taco destinations in the Big D. Each place serves up a unique taco experience, and we, of course, recommend that you try them all because you cannot go wrong when tacos are involved!




This place was one of the first places we ever went to in Dallas, and it was like discovering heaven. And four years late, El Come is still serving our favorite taco spots. Words that make us crave a taco: authentic, hole-in-the-wall, cheap and, most importantly, family-owned. El Come is all that, and more. Order the Pollo a la Mexican and the el pastor with pineapple!

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For authentic Mexican street tacos, this bright green roadside stop on Riverfront Blvd in the Design District has been a longtime favorite of ours! The tacos are so small that you can order a whole variety and try them all!

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Ask any Dallas foodie who has been around long enough, and they will name Tacos La Banqueta as one of the taco institutions in this city. Located on North Carroll outside of theFItzhugh/Henderson area, it might not be the first place that catches your eye, but the tacos are phenomenal. Get the Cabeza aka cow head meat, lingua aka beef tongue and suadero aka a braised cut of meat with charred edges.

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Chilangos is one of the newer taco spots on this list, opening earlier in 2019 on Harry Hines. It’s a hole-in-the-wall dive meets contemporary, colorful and white-subway tiled taco spot serving up fantastic street tacos and other fare. While you can’t beat any of the tacos they offer, the al pastor is unbeatable, as is the mushroom quesadilla! And they have fresh made aqua frescos and horchata to wash it all down!

Harry Hines | DIRECTIONS

Resident taqueria


Resident taqueria

Resident Taqueria takes a more modern approach on a taqueria, with a nicely decorated interior and a menu that reflects a more vegetable friendly crowd. Expect to find a fantastic cauliflower taco with kale, pepita and aioli, and an out-of-this-world slow-cooked mushroom taco with quest, poblano and almond salsa. They also have meat-heavy tacos that are great too from a pecan-smoked chicken to a house-made chorizo! Top it off with a Resident Margarita!

lake Highlands | DIRECTIONS

el taxqueno Taqueria


el taxqueno Taqueria

Off of 35 in Oak Cliff, sits a former-gas-station-turned-taqueria that serves some of the best homemade recipes! We fell in love with the al pastor tacos, which are to-die-for. This off-the-beaten-path place has a lot of charm and we love how dedicated the family is to the quality. They even came out and chatted with us when there and offered us some homemade, caramel-filling churros to end our meal, without even knowing we were with Dallasites101!

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la ventana



One of Dallas’s gems set behind the historic El Fenix restaurant, La Ventana has a Miami-type vibe with hanging lights, colorful decor and lively music. And a reason to come beyond the atmosphere and food? The $3.75 margaritas! There’s several more locations now too, scattered around DFW - we love the one on Cedar Springs for its vibrant patio and murals!

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fuel city



Fuel City is a car wash that, yes, is also is one of the top taco spots in Dallas. Some Dallasites have long-claimed that Fuel City is THE top spot. While waiting for your tacos, you can drive through the $5 car wash and take advantage of the free vacuuming service. After you pick-up your tacos, you can hang out with the cattle out back while you eat.

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salsa limon

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Another spot with a taco that melts the cheese on the tortilla first - Salsa Limon’s El Capitan taco is divine with its Oaxaca-Jack cheese, picked cabbage, onion, cilantro and your choice of meat. This Fort Worth favorite also serves breakfast tacos ALL day and the horchata is the best we’ve had in Dallas!

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tacos mariachi



If you want seafood tacos, this is the place to go. It pulls its cuisine from Tijuana, a Mexican city on the coast. And the shrimp taco is definitely one to try as well as the pulpo (octopus)! This spot was even featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!

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Almost directly across the street from Tacos Mariachi, you’ll find the very unassuming Trompo. It began as just a little window inside an empty room of white walls. It was named One of America’s Best New Restaurants by Bon Appetit Magazine. So what made it land on the national list? It’s pink-colored pork (pastor) thanks to the trompo or spit it rotates on.

West Dallas | DIRECTIONS

Revolver taco lounge


revolver taco lounge

Another native-Fort Worthian institution, it finally made its way to Deep Ellum across from Pecan Lodge. It has a small menu of 5 or 6 tacos to choose from along with some crudo. Our choice taco to get while there? The Al Pastor!


taco deli



Two words describe why we love this Austin-based taco “deli:” breakfast tacos. And you can find them all over town as they sell to many coffee shops including Royal Blue Grocery, and Houndstooth, so if you can’t make it to Taco Deli in the morning, you can probably find their tacos at a coffee shop nearby!

multiple locations

taco heads

Taco Heads

Not only is this just the most instagrammable taco shop ever but their tacos are also very solid as well! What once started out as selling tacos from a trailer grew into investing in a taco food truck and then it grew even bigger and now they have two physical successful locations! One in Fort Worth and the other in Dallas! And my gosh are we glad the came to Dallas! From their breakfast tacos to their signature tacos, you literally cannot go wrong with adding this place to your taco radar!

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