Let’s Talk About the New Event Membership Service in Dallas, INWEGO


may 2019

If you have been following Dallasites101 for a while, you might know that we love hosting events, we love posting about events and we love attending them! Events are such a great way to get involved in a community, meet new people, find a niche and have a great off-the-’gram experience, whether it be a food festival, trivia night, concert, sports game, etc. That's why we are loving INWEGO, an event membership service, which offers access to tons of events that you can attend for one monthly fee!

You might be asking yourself what an event membership service means? Or what kind of events can I expect to find? Or how much does this cost? So let’s take a deeper dive into what INWEGO is all about!


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INWEGO is your season pass for exploring the city and a membership for discovering new things in Dallas! Downloading the app gives you the ability to enjoy several events per month that span a myriad of topics, aka there is something for everyone! You open the app and scroll down to see which events are happening and which tickets you can grab with your credits, or take for free (some events are on the house) or set your reminder, as tickets are released 5 days before the event!

And it’s great if the weekend is approaching and you don’t have plans yet,  INWEGO makes them for you!

What Events to Expect

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What Events to Expect

Well for one, our events! If you were already an INWEGO member, you might have scored tickets to our Naughty or Nice Greenville Ave Bar Crawl or Game of Thrones Trivia series. Or if you join now, you can get free tickets to our Rosé Wine Walk and Friends Trivia series! Beyond those, you’ll find concert tickets like Wild Belle, Train, Goo Goo Dolls and A R I Z O N A, or sports tickets like FC Dallas and the Rangers, mimosa walks, comedy shows, wine and paint nights and more!

What The Memberships Look Like

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What The Memberships Look Like

There are three membership plans that include a specific number of event credits per month, along with a handful of “on-the-house” events aka free tickets you can snag that are on INWEGO!

  • 1 events/month for $19/month

  • 3 events/month for $39/month

  • 5 events/month for $59/month

And that pricing includes all event ticketing fees too so it’s an all-inclusive deal! Just show the event check-in your ticket when you arrive, and you’ll be good to go!

How To Sign Up

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how to sign up

To learn more, click here to head to the website and download the app. Then use code DALLASITES10115 for $15 off your first month! That means you could attend 5 events around town for only $45!!

This article was sponsored by INWEGO