Our 5 Favorite Spots to Favor From

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December 19, 2018


In need of any last minute holiday gifts?! Well why not give one of the simplest gifts of all…a Favor gift card!! The “Order Anything” delivery service just launched Favor gift cards, which means your friends and family can order anything they want…so you don’t have to worry you bought them the right gift!

It’s a really helpful app especially given our busy lives…we both have two full-time jobs (this included) and it’s a lot to handle! On top of everything we have to keep up with, we also have to figure out our daily meals…important, but low on our list of priorities when up to our knees in work. Favor is so handy to us for that reason. We save time by having to make a simple decision of what we want to eat, or what we need delivered, and Favor does the rest.

So if you know someone that’s busy and needs a break too, give the gift of Favor this season with one of their new gift cards! And if you don’t know about the diversity of what all you can order through the app, we are here to list our 5 go-to places around Dallas we use it for!




Henderson Ave

If you’ve followed us on Instagram for a while, you might know that we have a slight obsession with ZaLat Pizza! This Henderson Ave late night pizza parlor is heaven when it’s a weekend night at 3 am. However, we usually aren’t looking to get into a car and drive over while waiting for an hour in the tiny pace that makes up Zalat, so Favor saves the day (or I guess you could say night) so we can stay bundled in our jammies while we await ‘za.




West Village

We both work downtown, which lends itself to plenty of options for lunch, except poke! There’s not a single place, that we’ve identified at least, that serves these trendy bowls. So that’s when we grab our phones and ask Favor to deliver us the Salmon Asian Pear and Yellowtail Pineapple signature bowls from Pōk the Raw Bar in West Village!




All Over

Call us lazy, but regardless of the fact that you can fin a CVS on every corner of every block these days, sometimes we just can’t find the time or energy to make the trip. The fact that Favor can make it for us is a serious game changer. Packing for a trip and we forgot to grab travel size toiletries? Favor’s got it. Throwing a party and forgot a case of beer? Favor’s got it. They’ve got it all because they are ANYTHING DELIVERED!

lucky’s cafe



Oak Lawn

Alternatively to not wanting to leave your house at 3 am, you might not want to that following morning either. Lucky’s Cafe is a Dallas gem…your classic diner with a farm-to-table twist, so it tastes good and feels good too. But sometimes, we don’t always feel good enough in the moment to put clothes on and make a public appearance, or we don’t even feel up to walking into our kitchen and opening our fridge to cook up some eggs. We love Favoring Lucky’s straight to our beds so we can keep on Netflixing while still enjoying a quality breakfast!

sprinkles cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Preston Center

Tiffs Treats might be the hands down ruler of “office birthday treats,” but we like to mix it up for our friends and colleagues and call in Favor to deliver a box of adorable and colorful cupcakes from Sprinkles! It’s too far for us to drive out to during the day, so it’s really great having a delivery option, right at the touch of our hands!

This article was sponsored by Favor.