The 4 Best Places to Find Mac n Cheese in Dallas, According to our Followers


August 2019

We had revelation while eating at Eatzi’s - this time it was about mac n cheese! We were devouring this heavenly cheesy pasta when it dawned on us to ask our followers on Instagram the super-important question: what is your favorite mac n cheese in Dallas?! Well, the results are in …. drum roll … the place voted to have the BEST mac in Dallas?

(The first two were actually tied!)

pecan lodge

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.36.58 PM.png

pecan lodge

When we saw that Pecan Lodge tied for the top spot, we weren’t surprised. That’s literally the first words we said, “no surprise, haha!” It’s that gluey cheese, thick noodle mac topped with bacon. It’s so good that even the Food Network acknowledges it in its short review of the BBQ spot!

Deep Ellum | directions

the porch

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.38.32 PM.png

the porch

This restaurant has sat on Henderson Ave since…well we couldn’t find tidbit on Google, but at least as long as we have lived here haha! It was one of the first places recommended to us when we moved here for its authentic Southern cuisine. Apparently the mac n cheese is a highlight on the menu because it comes with smoked ham!! We have yet to try but looks like we need to ASAP!

knox henderson | directions




Rounding out second place (or third, because there’s a tie for first?!) is one of our own favorites, that started this whole conversation in the first place! We love that y’all agree! You can find their Mac n cheese at the hot bar. It’s not visible so you have to ask for it! And you can get a giant plate (yum) or just a side and pair it with a meat and veggie for a nice and affordable dinner!

Multiple locations


Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.37.36 PM.png


Lastly, the Bishop Arts corner bistro-esque restaurant Oddfellows, which serves up delicious buffalo Mac n cheese! Imagine a plate full of cheese-y goodness, PLUS a couple of pieces for fried chicken soaked in buff chick sauce!

bishop arts | Directions

The best of the rest

Courtesy of Ferris Wheelers

Courtesy of Ferris Wheelers

the best of the rest

What other places were shouted out, but didn’t make the top four?

  • Flower Child

  • Ferris Wheelers

  • Brick and Bones

  • Alamo Club

  • Toulouse Cafe

  • Bam’s Vegan

  • Street’s Fine Chicken

  • Hattie’s

  • Sauce Pizza & Wine

  • The Slow Bone

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