The 5 Tequila Drinks You Must Try in Dallas


February 2019

In Mexico, Tequila is had on the rocks, paired with sipping servings of lime and Sangrita (prepared tomato juice). Therefore, I grew up enjoying tequila in a simple fashion. So what has struck me as the most authentic and memorable tequila drinks I’ve come across in Dallas? I’m here to tell you! And let me, let you in on a little secret: great tequila drinks aren’t just found at Mexican food restaurants, so you might be surprised at the diversity of this list!


tamarind margarita

The tamarind margarita from Komali has to be one of the most authentic margaritas I’ve had in Dallas! (Tamarind is a fruit that has a sweet and tart flavor you often see in Mexican candies, sauces, and marmalades.) This margarita is served with your choice of Tajin, a very popular Mexican powdered chili, or salt on the rim. I personally recommend having it with Tajin to contrast well with the sweeter margarita. If tamarind doesn’t do it for you though, all of their other margarita options are just as amazing and they have several infused-tequila options as well as a wide selection of the most popular tequilas from Mexico.

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hg sply co

Photo courtesy of HG Sply Co

Photo courtesy of HG Sply Co

Double under

This has to be one of my favorite tequila drinks in Dallas. Although I don’t consider myself a beet lover, this creation has me thinking of everything BUT beets. The secret to this drink’s success has to be in house beet-infused tequila, which actually takes days to prepare. Besides the gorgeous purple color, drinking it is actually enjoyable and refreshing. Beets aren’t really known for being sweet, which is why this drink is so unique and original. HG Sply uses the vegetable’s natural sugars to balance the strength and flavor of tequila and leaving you with a tangy lime aftertaste.

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las almas rotas


Jarritos & Mezcal

This has to be the most classic-Mexican bars in Dallas, with its colorful and vibrant facade and Latin atmosphere inside. Plus, it is one of the most authentic places in Dallas to find mezcal, offering carefully crafted flights that take you to different regions of Mexico, along with mezcal that’s hard to find anywhere else.

My go-to drink though? Their Jarritos and Mezcal. “Jarritos” is the most popular soft drink brand in Mexico, and the Las Almas version is served straight in the bottle, with mezcal mixed in! They come in flavors including mandarin, guava, and cucumber, and are incredibly fun and delicious - it’s like having the Mexican version of a spiked Shirley Temple.

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water grill

Photo courtesy of Water Grill

Photo courtesy of Water Grill

margarita verde

In the heart of Uptown, Water Grill is my favorite place to get some post-work margaritas. What I always order? The Margarita Verde, a delicious combination of cucumber, basil and Jalapeno. Of the spicy margaritas in Dallas, this is hands down my favorite. It really does have enough spice to keep you wanting a refill. The combination of spice and basil really is like nothing I had ever tasted before and I really get the exact same taste each time.

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beto & son

Photo courtesy of Beto & Son

Photo courtesy of Beto & Son

liquid nitrogen margarita

The liquid nitrogen margarita at Trinity' Grove’s Beto & Son is definitely a showstopper you’ll want a front row seat to experience. They prepare the margarita tableside, (queue the Instagram stories) which makes it a very memorable experience for everyone, even if you aren’t having one yourself! My personal favorite flavor? Mango as it really does taste like fresh mangoes from Mexico.

P.S. Make sure to visit on a Wednesday for free salsa dancing all night long! It’s great to either experience or watch on the patio, or both!

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