Whiskey enthusiasts, get ready to take your palette to the next level with Whiskey Riot, coming to Dallas on March 4, 2023! A tasting festival like this one is something that you won’t be able to forget (no matter how many samples you try!) For those who love a good excuse to drink Whiskey, the notion of the event may be motivation enough to check it out, we’re giving 7 more reasons below! 

Updated December 2022


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whiskey riot 2021


Upgrade your taste buds, knowledge, and experience level all together! The unique feature of Whiskey Riot is the festival-style approach where you can free roam and then jump into immersive experiences throughout! Via the educational seminars, you'll gain further knowledge on the history of the different brands, learn about the products and try 200+ types of whiskey available to attendees! These touches are aimed to ultimately enhance your experience as a festival rather than a tasting!




whiskey riot 2021


After attending the Whiskey Riot Festival, you’re bound to leave with the knowledge of a true connoisseur. Each sample of Whiskey is poured by the expert behind the brand. Master distillers, brand creators, and direct representatives of the participating whiskey brands will also be there, assuring that you learn about the intricacies of each product from the people who know it best. Sip and savor your favorites while you meet the folks behind some of the best whiskey on the market.



whiskey riot 2021


At Whiskey Riot Festival, you’ll be surrounded by fellow individuals who share the same passion and/or curiosity as you, which means finding new people to connect with will be a breeze (especially with the flowing liquid courage!) Chat about your favorite samples and get some recommendations as you become energized by the potential to meet some awesome people and fellow Dallasites! 



whiskey riot 2021


In hindsight, Whiskey Riot is a super cost effective way to find what you like! They'll have over 200 varieties of whiskey to sample to find your perfect sip and this will eventually save you from having to slowly try different kinds of whiskey by purchasing entire bottles at a local liquor store! The sample style approach will ultimately have you walking away from the festival with your favorite picks to enjoy at home!



whiskey riot 2021


The festival is also a great option for those who are still new to the world of whiskey but want to dig a bit deeper!  Try many varieties of bourbons and ryes to learn the nuances of different mash bills, still types and barreling techniques. You’ll leave with plenty of insight to make you one interesting party guest. 



whiskey riot 2021


You might have already found your favorite brand of whiskey, and the chance of you not liking another kind may deter you from exploring other options! For this reason, a festival like Whiskey Riot is the perfect place to find your new go-to and maybe even gain knowledge on how to find the biggest bang for your buck, in accordance to your preferred whiskey taste and style. 



whiskey riot 2021


Overall, this is going to be a fantastic adventure as you journey through the experience of tasting creative whiskeys + whiskey cocktails, meet master distillers, and more! You can enjoy it with friends, family, or fly solo and connect with fellow whiskey lovers as you unwind and create lasting memories! 


Whiskey Riot will provide a complimentary valet service at the front of Fashion Industry Gallery. However, Whiskey Riot strongly advocates using a ride service like Lyft, Uber or other service for safe transportation from the event