We somehow stumbled upon the Instagram of Dansungsa last week and knew we had to go from browsing the photos of the Korean dishes served. We had no idea where we were going or what we were getting ourselves into, but ended up eating one of the best meals in one of the coolest restaurants!

Updated January 2022



Located in K-Town, a part of Dallas near Harry Hines and 635 close to Irving and Farmers Branch, you’ll find Korean restaurants, businesses and the must-visit King Spa. The late night restaurant serves up a range of Korean dishes in a cozy environment. They also have a location up in Carrollton with featuring a karaoke bar.



There’s nothing fancy about the outside, but inside, you will feel like you’re worlds away. The dark atmosphere turns intimate as tables are separated by wooden structures encasing the benches. Lanterns lit up each table, and K-pop plays in the background. A standout feature is the writing all over the walls, posters and lanterns and you’re encouraged to leave your own mark on the restaurant.



We cannot say better things - the food was amazing! We didn’t get super adventurous but one can, ordering snail pasta or spicy stir fried beef intestines to name a few. We tried the ramen, beef bulgogi, orange chicken and Chapaguri, aka the noodles they made in the movie Parasite. The noodles and orange chicken were our favorites and we have enough for 1-2 more meals now sitting in our fridge given the huge portions of food!



Enjoy happy hour everyday from 6-9 pm, with $4.25 ramen (excellent deal for the quality), and other food items like spicy wings, corn cheese and bulgogi quesadillas ranging from $4-6. Four entrees including the beef bulgogi are also half off, and hot sake is only $5 and lasted us well through our meal.

The restaurant stays open until 2 am Sunday-Thursday and 5 am Friday and Saturday! That means if you need a late night eats spot, this is it!! And you can start the night at Soju 101 Karaoke or Encore Family Karaoke down the road!


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