If you’re not in tune with the tattoo community, you may not realize that some of the top talent in the country resides right here in Dallas! Four in 10 U.S. adults now have a tattoo, making it more popular than ever to sport some ink. Whether you're just now joining the tattoo crew, or want to add to your collection, check out our favorite Dallas tattoo shops below!

Updated January 2023


Opened by Freddie Trevino in early 2017, this quiet shop in the Design District is an unassuming yet seriously cool tattoo shop, (that celebrities who live in LA know about and come visit.) The best part is possibly the back half of the building where the tattoo artists display their artwork of other mediums. Third Eye is a private, appointment only shop, which makes for a more comfortable and private experience, and their space includes an art gallery.

Some stand out artists of this shop include:

Jay Joree - she rocks some seriously cool neo-traditional flowers that combine bright color palettes with geometric flares.

Design District | Directions

photo courtesy of Third Eye Gallery and artist Jay Jorée


Elm Street Tattoo is a tattoo studio in the eclectic neighborhood of Deep Ellum. It was started by a Oliver Pecker and Dean WiIliams back in 1996 and they still tattoo there occasionally! They have 10 artists and are best known for their American Traditional and Japanese-inspired art and black and gray designs. They also have a sister studio in Lower Greenville called Heart in Hand Gallery.

Deep Ellum | Directions



Having opened in 2021, Golden Rooster has already made a name for itself as a go-to tattoo parlor in Dallas! Find them right in the heart of Elmwood in Oak Cliff on Berkley Ave! Whether you’re looking for something intricate and tiny, fine lined single needle, or something more charismatic, Golden Rooster can definitely make your tatted dreams come true!

Their space is super cool, cozy and colorful and their team will make you feel so comfortable and welcome, especially if this is your first tattoo!

Who to make an apt with:

Ben Thomas - the owner, has over 17 years of tattoo experience and his team is equally as talented! They specialize in custom designs and would love to help you create something unique, including traditional and color work!


The youngest shop on this list, the owner had a publicized struggle just to get his business opened last year. But all the hard work has certainly paid off, with 3 of the best artists in the country residing in this private, appointment only studio.

Who to make an apt with:

Jason Call - the aforementioned owner, Jason specializes in geometric and mandalas. He is certainly in demand, as his appointment book tends to fill up within an hour of opening for new projects!

Shanti Cameron - a multiple award-winning color artist, Shanti makes some of the funniest and most adorable tattoos you could ever find! The attention to detail that she puts into every piece is astounding.

Design District | Directions


Owners Liz and Cookie Cook, and David and Ellen Mushaney are some of the most well known names in the tattooing industry, and they’ve made a name for themselves locally with their shop Rebel Muse. With the main location in Lewisville and a brand new location in north Dallas, Rebel Muse is pretty much a one-stop shop for any style of tattooing you could be looking for. They have almost 20 artists on staff and always take walk-ins at both locations.

Artists worth checking out:

David Mushaney - Known for his sketching-like style, David has some of the cleanest linework in town. His take on black-and-grey is unique, bold, and looks great on anyone!

Robert Hornbeck - Located at the new Dallas shop, Robert is making a name for himself with his smooth approach to color and realism.

Lewisville | Directions


Imagine if an antiques store and a japanese dollar store opened a pop-up shop - that’s the vibe you get when walking into Folklore Trading Company. These guys seriously love tattooing, and regularly host some of the best artists from around the globe for guest spots. Most of their artists are appointment only, but they update their Instagram whenever guest artists will be coming to town.

You will definitely want to look up some of their mainstays:

Tiffer Wright - another Inkmaster alumnus, Tiffer has become well known for his dark take on neo-traditional. His instagram feed regularly showcases tattoos of cats, making him the perfect artist to honor your furry friend!

Billy Weigler - If bright colors and smooth buttery blends are want you want, Billy is the guy to see. He mixes Japanese-traditional style with modern tattooing technique to make his own stunning personal style.

East Dallas | Directions

photo courtesy of Folklore Trading Co and artist Kara Noel


Singleton Tattoo is in a cute and historic building in Trinity Groves in an old, 1930’s taqueria. The yellow building is colorful and inside you’ll find couches to hang out on and topo chico to sip! Singleton Tattoo is known for their detailed, fine lines, dainty art, and geometric shapes. They do lots of black and grey work but also love colors.

Standout Artists:

Ejay - Ejay is the founder of Singleton Tattoo and specializes in black and grey geometric shapes.

Rosa - Rosa has been tattooing for 3 years and has a delicate approach, specializing in fine lines and dainty art.

Trinity Groves | Directions


Located in Downtown Dallas, Koneko is a perfect mix of spa, boutique, and tattoo shop. The best part? Owner Little Linda has gone to incredible lengths to make sure that  they are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Everything down to the paper towels has been carefully curated for a positive, pleasant experience! Walk-ins are welcome and they do have a piercer on staff, plus they offer treatments like lash extensions and microblading.

Artists worth an Insta follow:

Little Linda - a veteran of the industry, owner Linda’s body of work regularly features a unique take on blackwork flowers with extremely clean lines that fit and flow with the body.

Deep Ellum | Directions


Lady Magnolia Tattoo is a vintage, cozy studio in Downtown with a great and welcoming vibe. They pride themselves on their fair pricing and being able to accommodate all of their client’s needs. They have a wide range of artists but specialize in bold colors, cover ups, and fine lines.

Standout artists:

Briana Leflore - Briana is the owner of the studio and loves really detailed art with fine lines. She enjoys doing bright colors and black and grey.

Alden Mills - Alden specializes in fine lines and detailed art with bright colors. She likes to do floral, animals, and dainty script!

Downtown | Directions

photo courtesy of Lady Magnolia