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Let’s TACO bout Wednesday, July 3rd and your now plans to come party at the p.

We’re pumped to announce our shenanigan collaboration with some neighborhood cats aka CHUI and ZANE- a couple of dreamy chefs of the Mansion and friends of the p fam. Combining forces we present to you, our first ever TACO party!

Picture this, a taco infused service industry party full of all your favorite people under the twinkle of red lights... Where the tacos are delicious, the drinks are cheap and the pours are heavy. And to top it all off? The proceeds go to one of our favorite drink slinging, long-haired, tight ass bartenders (we may be a little biased) and his son, Asher!

$4 tacos
$5 deep eddy vodka
$4 Pacifico
$2.50 pbr & pearl light