It all began with an #instaguide to becoming an #instadallasite... 

Dallasites101 began with two women, Lily and Kara, organically sharing their adventures on Instagram in 2015, one year after they both moved to Dallas. As transplants, they strived to encourage fellow Dallasites to go beyond their comfort zones and find a sense of place, joy and home in Dallas, and Texas as a whole.

A few months after their start, they recognized the need to go beyond the 'gram and create real experiences between businesses and Dallasites. From happy hours to bar crawls to yoga classes and beyond, they have hosted countless events that have cultivated personal relationships, increased local business sales and awareness, and fostered a sense of community. 

After almost four years, Dallasites101 remains one of the largest lifestyle Instagram accounts in Dallas, about Dallas.

Over time, it has also morphed into a localized media company. Dallasites101 aims to make Dallas a more accessible and fun place to live through daily content about everything involved in integrating into life here, from events to music to food to fitness and beyond!

Looking forward, we are excited to continue to contribute to shaping a future for Dallasites. 



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Lily Kramlich- TayloR

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After growing up in Northern California and graduating from Colby College with a B.A. in Economics and Business, Lily launched her career in global communications with Hill + Knowlton Strategies. From 2015 until the end of 2018, she was a critical part of the AT&T account team, guiding corporate communications and compiling competitive intelligence presented to top executives. Outside of her career, Lily has served on the Slipper Club of Dallas board for three years, as well as the EarthX board in 2015.

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Kara Shannon

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With a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish from Hamilton College, where she is the acting co-chair for her class, Kara is a driven entrepreneur passionate about building community and culture. She started her career at Teach For America for five years, where she led marketing, communications and events work and was dedicated to leadership and diversity training. Outgoing and active, she is a member of the Junior Associates of DMA and the Assistant Chair of Public Relations for the Junior League of Dallas.

Team members

Jennifer Stone // website

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Jennifer is native to Dallas with a passion for brand strategy and digital advertising. After completing two years with Teach for America, she continued down the advertising and marketing path by working at several ad agencies and starting her own branding and website consulting business. Jennifer currently assists Dallasites101 with their website, keeping it up-to-date for you all!


Kristin Smart // calendar & events

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Kristin Smart is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern and ACE Certified Personal Trainer by day and freelance writer by night. Originally from Dallas, she writes about all things that make life worth living here: food/drinks, fitness, wellness, mental health, events, and lifestyle. Currently, Kristin assists with Dallasites101 calendar and live events.


Lara Wasserman // writing

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A native of Iowa City, Iowa, Lara relocated to DFW in 2015 to escape the snow! After a couple of years in the 'burbs, she made her way to the heart of Dallas. When she's not exploring the city with her fiancé, you can find her teaching, writing, working out, or performing with one of the many professional choirs in Dallas! Currently, Lara acts as Dallasites101’s go-to writer!


You can find these amazing writers’ content around the site!

If interested in joining our crew of talented freelancers, please email us at contact@dallasites101.com!


Erica Allaby

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New England native navigating Texan waters - or the lack thereof. Embodied by exploration, excessive alliteration, and everything Ellen, Erica is the mind behind Tales of Exploration, a guide to exploring hidden corners of the brain and the world. Catch her wandering around Deep Ellum or wanderlusting around the world.


Brooke Battersby

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A Boston girl living in the Dallas world. After moving 2,000 miles away from home to attend Baylor University, Brooke discovered kolaches and found her love for writing. Aside from writing, she loves graphic design and to force pictures of her dog upon unsuspecting individuals.


Lizzie somabut

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Lizzie loves to share the impact that wellness can have on everyone. She is a wellness coach and consultant in Dallas, TX and specializes in all things for the "self.” She’s on a mission to share messages of body positivity & neutrality, self-compassion, positive self-talk, and more.


Rebecca arnold

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An Australian currently calling Dallas home, you can usually find Rebecca trying out a new restaurant in the city or casually trying to throw “y’all” into a sentence. By day she works in media relations for a Fortune 500 company and by night she blogs about expat life and her travels around Texas, the U.S. and the world.


Sam schafer

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Texas born and raised, Sam is a proud Dallasite of almost four years. When she’s not working at a tech startup in Addison, you’ll find her either exploring the city for a new restaurant or jogging around trying to work off the calories she ate last weekend. Sam is also an avid traveler, attempting to hit 30 countries by the age of 30.



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Originally from the East Coast, Mia made her way down to Texas a few years ago, where you can catch her watching sports, trying out new restaurants, or volunteering at her church. Her PR gig keeps her pretty busy, but she loves writing for Dallasites101 because it allows her to write and explore her new city!