No, we did not grow up with “blogger” even in our vocabulary! We found ourselves in the blogging world after graduating from college, once we began posting on Instagram. (Although, we aren’t sure we’d call ourselves "bloggers" because that was never the goal with Dallasites101). Growing up, we Kara dreamed of becoming a dentist and Lily of become an entrepreneur (which came true!). 


What’s the filter you cannot edit without?

The C-Suite filters on the app ‘VSCO.’



We are not sisters, but get that a lot! However, we are best friends, roommates, business partners and fellow NESCAC College alumni (bonus points if you know what ‘NESCAC’ is!).


What are our opinions on the iPhone vs camera debate for photos?

iPhone for the win! The 7 Plus is amazing and to us, rivals a real camera. However, before the 7 Plus, 8, X, etc. even existed, we stuck to our iPhones to rep our brand of authenticity and accessibility.



Dallasites101 is not meant to be the Kara and Lily show! While we are the Dallasites behind the business and do post ourselves at times so y’all know we’re humans and not just a handle, we make an effort to post photos that all Dallasites could see themselves in.



We got here as fast as we could and we are in no rush to say goodbye! Plus, the airports make it very convenient for us to travel back home to our families on the East and West coasts, respectively. That being said, it is weird to think about owning a company that is exclusive to one city, if some need ever arose for us to leave Dallas.



Not now, but we see that as a possibility that is becoming more and more of a reality. Kara works as the Events Manager at Teach For America (a nonprofit in education and leadership development) and Lily works an Associate at Hill and Knowlton Strategies.



Yes! We started it and still both do it without any other employees. We did have an intern, Madisen, who was a Marketing Major at SMU and lent us a hand at events!! You may have seen her handing you a beer mug.


Do we do everything that we post about?

No, and that compliments the idea that Dallasites101 is not strictly the story of our personal lives - it is the ‘101’ guide for Dallasites’ lives! There are so many local businesses to visit, events to attend, people to meet, causes to benefit, tacos to eat… that it would be impossible for us to do it all! And, again, we do not want to limit our content to only what we do.




Q & A

Q: The dream trip we’ve been on and the dream trip we hope to go on with Dallasites101?

Lily: We partnered with Vitacoco last year and again this year to go to ACL...VIP status. That was pretty unreal, and my first music festival! And I would LOVE to go to Marfa! 

Kara: I definitely echo Lily on hoping to go to Marfa! Yet my dream trip was to Travaasa Austin, an experiential resort. From horseback riding to hatchet throwing to yoga to the spa, it was the ultimate retreat!


Q: Favorite margarita flavor?

Lily: None! Not a huge marg person unfortunately. But do love the $3 La Ventana frozen margs.

Kara: Spicy jalapeño on the rocks and with salt on the rim!


Q: Favorite Taco

Lily: The Pollo a la Mexicana from El Come!

Kara: I had a love/hate relationship with Velvet Taco when I first moved to Dallas. Many late nights would end with tacos there. I broke the habit, but still crave the #1 buffalo chicken taco.


Q: Favorite campaign so far?

Lily: Partnering with Lobster From Maine on an industry event in Dallas because I went to college in Maine and fell in love with the state. It was amazing posting about and sharing that love and encouraging people to support the state and lobster industry.

Kara: Our annual Christmas in July Giveaway series! It is a random, fun way for us to give back to our followers and show some extra love to the local businesses who support us. And I always feel like Santa (aka the best human ever) when messaging someone that he or she won! 


Q: One word that comes to mind when we hear ‘Dallas’?

Lily: Inclusive

Kara: New


Q: Best kept Dallasites secret?

Lily: Sandbar

Kara: Eatzi's 9pm sale