the most asked questions the Dallasites101 founders receive!


What do we use to take our own photos?

Mostly iPhones - we want followers to see our photos and believe that they could take those photos too; that they can experience life in Dallas as we do too. However, we recently invested in the Light camera, a new camera from a start up out of San Francisco. It’s like a compact version of a DSLR to allow us to take higher quality photos, on the go!


What’s the filter we cannot edit without?

The C-Suite filters on the app ‘VSCO.’


Why don’t we post graphics more on Instagram?

It goes back to the first question - we want to appear as authentic and real as possible! We want to make sure our content reflects the experiences that people can expect to have around the city. We do however and share our own graphics when hosting events. Otherwise, we are happy to post a graphic to our other social platforms or via Insta Story.


How do you guarantee attendance to events or results to places, products and services we promote?

We cannot promise any results. At the end of the day, we have a reach of over 125,000 people through our various ways to connect with us. And those people all have very different interests. While yes, the majority might be located in Dallas, we cannot control, at the end of the day, what they like, want to do, what to buy, want to attend, etc. We can only act as a middleman using our voice, brand and platforms to best “influence” them to make a decision!


Do we buy our followers or likes?

No! We never have and never will! While we did see a faster growth rate than most comparable Instagram accounts, we didn’t want to follow in some of our competitors footsteps though by buying our way to a successful account. We are trying to affect real people in Dallas, and it doesn’t matter to us whether a post gets 100 or 1,000 likes, unless action is actually taken through the information we are providing! Additionally, having fake followers does nothing to help our mission either!

(If interested in learning how we did grow so fast though, keep an eye out for our Instagram workshops or email us to learn more about our social media consulting and marketing help.)


How do we select giveaway winners?

Sometimes we use excel to randomly select, other times we load all the comments, close our eyes, and scroll a ton until we stop and land on the lucky winner. Sometimes, we have a random number generator pick a number for us and count up or down until we hit that specific comment number. Then we verify whether that person followed the rules and we reach out if so! Regardless of the method, every time it’s random and unbiased.


Do we do everything that we post about?

No, and that compliments the idea that Dallasites101 is not strictly the story of our personal lives - it is the ‘101’ guide for Dallasites’ lives! There are so many local businesses to visit, events to attend, people to meet, causes to benefit, tacos to eat… that it would be impossible for us to do it all! And, again, we do not want to limit our content to only what we do.




Q & A


Q: Favorite margarita flavor?

Lily: The Avocado Margarita from Meso Maya

Kara: Spicy jalapeño on the rocks and with salt on the rim!


Q: Favorite Taco

Lily: The Pollo a la Mexicana from El Come!

Kara: I had a love/hate relationship with Velvet Taco when I first moved to Dallas. Many late nights would end with tacos there. I broke the habit, but still crave the #1 buffalo chicken taco.


Q: Favorite campaign so far?

Lily: Partnering with Lobster From Maine on an industry event in Dallas because I went to college in Maine and fell in love with the state. It was amazing posting about and sharing that love and encouraging people to support the state and lobster industry.

Kara: Our annual Christmas in July Giveaway series! It is a random, fun way for us to give back to our followers and show some extra love to the local businesses who support us. And I always feel like Santa (aka the best human ever) when messaging someone that he or she won! 


Q: One word that comes to mind when we hear ‘Dallas’?

Lily: Inclusive

Kara: New


Q: Best kept Dallasites secret?

Lily: Sandbar

Kara: Eatzi's 9pm sale