Dallasites101 SOCIAL IMPACT


giving back to Dallas in a big way!

Dallasites101 is using its influence to launch a social impact initiative to amplify missions for good in Dallas. Every season, the company will promote a cause that it is passionate about, and donate a percentage of its profits to a selected local cause! 

They LAunched our seasonal social impact program for several:

To further go beyond the ‘gram to enhance Dallas living and community for all.

To highlight the world changers living in our city.

To make you aware of volunteer opportunities so you can help give back to Dallas too.


Here are the details:

Dallasites101 will announce its seasonal social impact theme every three months (aka each season). The cause will hold a mission that encompasses specific values Dallasites101 cares about in Dallas: safety, liveability, economic development and success, growth, education, inclusivity and cultural awareness, all of which will help make Dallas an even better place to live.

Q4 2018 recipient:

The Birthday Party Project

Q1 2019 recipient:

The North Texas Food Bank

Q2 2019 recipient:

The Center for BrainHealth

Q3 2019 recipient:

Resource Center

Q4 2018 recipient:

Art Walk West


If you have a cause that you are passionate about, or know a non-profit that you would like to nominate for consideration, please send us an email at contact@dallasites101.com.