You may have already noticed the Bird scooters lining the streets of Dallas this morning! After a three-year hiatus, electric rides are back as a part of the city’s new micro-mobility program and we’re breaking down everything you need to know!

Updated May 2023



After over 2 years of planning, three electronic ride companies have been approved to deploy a small fleet of shared scooters and bikes around Dallas. Bird scooters soft launched today and will gradually introduce 500 more starting May 31. Lime and Superpedestrian will also be deploying 500 electronic rides each in the coming weeks.

The revival of e-rides is part of the city’s micro-mobility program which aims to promote sustainable mobility while prioritizing safety!


Bird Scooters West Village



The Dallas City Council has responded to previous e-ride complaints by implementing new rules & regulations, addressing issues like riding on sidewalks, unsafe riding at night, and indiscriminate scooter dumping. Riders will be informed of the rules through the rental apps, and violators can face fines of up to $200. Some of the new rules include:

  • Rental hours are now restricted to 5am- 9pm
  • Riders must be 16+
  • No more riding on sidewalks
  • A citywide speed limit of 20mph and some neighborhoods at 10mph
  • There will be “no-ride zones” all outlined in the app


The goals in reallowing e-rides are to reduce Dallas’ carbon footprint, improve connectivity (especially in congested areas), and facilitate commuters’ access from public transportation to downtown offices and surrounding areas. Bird alone estimates that their fleet of 500 scooters will replace more than 225,000 car trips in its first year, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions!

Bird will also be offering free rides to healthcare workers and emergency personnel, as well as a 50% discount for various groups such as low-income riders, Pell grant recipients, nonprofit orgs, veterans, and senior citizens!