If you love BBQ and tacos, you’ll want to save this article for your next ‘burbs outing! Burnt BBQ & Tacos opened right when the pandemic started, and they served up unique BBQ meals to-go to the community. They now have a quaint storefront in Plano where you can enjoy their unique twist on Texas barbecue!

Updated February 2022


The owners of Burnt BBQ & Tacos and Dallas favorite, Dock Local, met in culinary school and started a seafood food truck together in 2016. Chef Tim, co-owner, has a background in BBQ, so he also offered smoked meats and dishes for those who didn’t prefer seafood. People loved his rubs so much that he bottled them and started selling them in Central Market! The pandemic is what sparked them to source a location for a new BBQ restaurant.


Burnt approaches their menu with flavor forward thinking and offers everything from classic BBQ staples to crazy creations, like their Navajo Fry Bread. The Navajo Fry Bread is a massive Indian bread dish topped with your choice of any of their BBQ meats and classic taco fixings. They smoke their brisket overnight for 14-20 hours, which gives it the robust flavor + tenderness.



Take cooking off the menu and order a family kit with all the bbq goodies! Small kits feed 5-7, while large kits feed 8-10 and include several meats like smoked brisket, garlic pulled pork, and smoked turkely with their yummy sides like burnt pinto beans, mac and cheese, and jalapeño citrus slaw! Plus it comes with their sweet banana pudding by the 1/3 and 1/2 pan!

To top it off, their bbq sauce is an original recipe the chef has been making for 25 years, and they bottle it to take home along with other Burnt favorites like pickles, smoked jalapeños, and various rubs. Make sure to check out their gift boxes, merch and their Dock Hot Sauce sourced from Dock Local!