In typical Dallas fashion, our annual freeze is upon us! We're giving you all the tips on how to prepare for any winter weather that hits DFW this season. Plus, head to our Instagram stories during any inclement weather for updates on the roads, what's open, and even pics of puppies playing in the snow!

Updated January 2024



Affectionately named by Dallasites as Dallaska, we pretty much see one big winter storm every year in January or February. This year's storm came early, so fingers crossed we only get one this year! While Northerners may laugh at our reactions to just a little snow, 2021 proved that DFW wasn't exactly designed with snow in mind -- we're not used to the cold, and don't have winter weather equipment like cities that see this all the time!

Luckily, there are plenty of precautions you can take to make sure you stay safe and warm!


Skyline Snow



  1. Take appropriate action to protect your pipes from bursts…cover your outside faucets. and drip your inside ones. You can also open cabinet doors to allow warm air to flow onto your pipes!
  2. Stock up on groceries…even if it doesn’t snow, temps this low can cause restaurants to shut their doors!
  3. Stay off the roads when possible, and if you have to drive, check road conditions diligently! We don't have snow plows or ice trucks down here, and many of us aren't used to driving in these conditions. Bridges and overpasses can freeze the fastest and have proven to be the most dangerous, so avoid those when possible.
  4. Stock up on firewood or other necessities needed for an alternative source of heat (learned this in 2021). Even a couple cozy candles and hand warmers can be a huge help!
  5. Protect your plants by covering them up, moving them inside, or away from windows.
  6. Know how to turn off your water and make sure you have the right equipment to do so.
  7. Stay up to date on ERCOT announcements about the power grid, and conserve power when told to do so. If you're not needing to conserve power, using the oven to cook or even just boiling water can help increase the heat and humidity in your home!
  8. Bundle up! Thick, loose-fitting clothes can actually trap heat better, so it's the perfect excuse to stay in sweats and fuzzy socks all day!
  9. Bring your pets inside!!! When you do inevitably have to take dogs out, put them in booties and/or a coat!



The 2021 Winter Storm was no joke and our page became an essential resource for the city during that frigid week, due to the quick information that we could spread. Nowadays when the weather gets bad, our team commits to being prepared to share information needed given the severity.

If we ever have a 2021 Winter Storm again, that would look like around-the-clock resources for finding groceries, firewood, gas etc. But in the best-case scenarios, that will look like sharing places open for coffee and food, companies that help with pipe bursts, and maybe even where to go sledding if it’s a snow day!

So stay safe, check the weather, and bundle up!