We were recently reminded, when seeking out a place for really good salads in Dallas, of how great Dive is! This female owned and local, organic and non-GMO seafood spot is healthy, adorable and a little hidden gem in Snider Plaza!

Updated February 2022



Owner and chef, Franchesca, a.k.a "Artichoke Mama," opened Dive in 2010 after moving from Miami to Dallas. Her idea for sustainably sourced seafood and organic vegetables and bowls came from her upbringing in Southern California and from watching what women ordered while working at Neighborhood Services… a lot of salads!



Step inside and order at the counter for a fast casual but cute coastal diner vibe. You’ll see lots of nautical decor, hues of blue and turquoise, and some cool diver statues hanging from the long wall of booth tables.



Inspired by Franchesca's Cali childhood and her father’s roots in Brazil, colorful produce and Latin flavors fill the menu. You won’t want to miss the Insta-friendly and delicious Seared Ahi Tuna Wrap, a 4-ounce loin of tuna with coconut rice, ginger slaw, and avocado.

The stuffed avocado and hearts of palm salad are very popular meal choices too. You can also order a market fish and choose sides to fill your plate! And there’s ceviche, crab cakes, surf and turf, and fish tacos to name some of the other seafood dishes!



The salad menu at Dive is extensive as Franchesca clearly understands this frequently ordered item! Roasted Dill Salmon, Cajun Curry Shrimp, and the Chopped Cobb salad are just a few of the flavorful options. There are also lots of wrap and sandwich options, like the Seared Ahi Tuna Wrap and the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. There is truly something for everyone here regardless of your feelings about seafood!



Dive makes sure to use ingredients that are “organic and non-GMO whenever possible,” while also using “grass-fed, hormone free beef and free-range chicken. Gluten-free rice bran oil, coconut oil and ghee are used in the kitchen,” according to Crave DFW.



Dive offer meal subscriptions, which is really cool! Whether for an individual or for a family of 4-6 people, you select the delivery day, your meals (from the Dive menu) and a delivery time. It's convenient and delicious!


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