Chicagoans, get excited, Federales has officially arrived in Dallas! And if you aren’t from Chicago and aren’t familiar with this concept, it’s a massive industrial open-air space with an energetic atmosphere, with a love for tacos and tequila!

Updated May 2022



Federales is a concept by a Chicago restaurant group, Four Corners Tavern Group, that originated in 2016 in the West Loop. The idea is to create a huge entertainment complex all about having fun. And if you’re familiar with the original location, the Dallas one that sits on Malcolm X and Commerce, looks and feels pretty much exactly the same! Federales is now open 4 PM - 2 AM Monday through Thursday and 11 AM - 2 AM Friday-Sunday. Make your reservations online!



Taking up a huge amount of the block, Federales rivals beer garden Dots in its size. Federales has an industrial feel with a lot of metal decorative touches, plus a huge black and white mural on the back wall. There are two rooms that split the space in two, one that feels bigger and brighter, and the second with the bar and mural. If you’re looking for the patio, go on a nice day because the roof is retractable. 


Tacos and tequila are the name of the game for brunch, during the day, and late night. We love the wood grilled shrimp tacos, and we recommend starting with the fundido or taquitos! To drink, there’s a variety of margaritas from spicy watermelon to green Chile, raspberry, mango and more. If you come with a big enough group, try the Pinche Paloma, a.k.a. a 100 oz upside down cowboy hat! Also, if you really love Taco Bell tacos, order the Gringo Taco Supreme for their take on it. 


The “must-do” moment at Federales is their Ring the Bell shot station. Order a $10 tequila shot served in an ice shot glass, take the drink and then throw it against the bell that sits over some hot coals and watch your shot glass melt! Hit it right and maybe you’ll ring the bell.