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Dallasites101 is excited to partner with Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) to further community impact! We hope to empower our followers to be changemakers in the city by sharing about how to support the mission and work of incredible nonprofits in the Dallas area. 

Our Community Impact Program is aligned with the core pillars of CFT: Health Wealth, Living and Learning. We invite our network to learn, donate and volunteer throughout the year with us!

Each season we will raise awareness about non-profits making positive differences in our community and ask you to vote for the non-profit that most inspires you! The non-profit with the most votes will be named the “Follower’s Choice,” and be featured across Dallasites101’s channels in special ways and receive a monetary donation from our company.







A holistic concept engaging the biological, psychological, and behavioral dimensions of life. What affects a person’s health encompasses everything from their local environmental conditions, access to things like grocery stores and parks, pets as companions, transportation, preventative medicine resources and education. To move the needle on health, interventions must move upstream and engage the choices people make and the environments in which they live.


Defined as financial security, wealth is impacted by employment opportunities & economic development within communities. While the majority of people living in poverty have jobs, millions of adults live paycheck to paycheck, unable to cover surprise expenses, demonstrating that employment isn't enough to ensure financial security. We must aim for financial resilience, to improve opportunities & for a state of prosperity in which people have enough money to fulfill needs & wants.


Zip code can be more predictive than genetic code when it comes to life outcomes. Decisions surrounding planning, community engagement and design; access to arts, culture and parks; as well as the presence of crime prevention strategies and justice system processes, can have a significant impact on the physical, social and mental health of community members and their ability to thrive today and across generations.


Education has the power to change a life. Educating our youth to maximize their potential also provides the foundation to power the workforce of tomorrow. The pursuit of a certification or post-secondary degree significantly impacts the earning potential for an individual, impacting the community they live in and the legacy of their future generations. Training and skills growth also provides individuals an opportunity to reinvent themselves as circumstances change throughout their lifetime.