Did you know there are 34 Orangetheory locations in North Texas? You can check out their instagram or website to find the fitness center closest to you!

Updated March 2022



Orangetheory is the cult national fitness studio known for its unique method that incorporates science, coaching and technology to give you the best possible workout for your body. Jump in a class to get in your rowing, cardio and strength training while you explore the 5 heart rates. It is one of our office favorites.



Maverick Fitness who owns 34 North Texas locations of Orangetheory has made it their mission to give back. Members of the gym are encouraged to check into the fitness center on social media and tag the charity of the month following their class and in return Maverick Fitness will donate up to $5,000. Children’s Medical Center Dallas is the charity for the month of March. So jump in class and help out the community at the same time!

Grab your fitness squad and head on over to the closest Orangetheory near you!

Thank you to Orangetheory for sponsoring this post.