If you find yourself craving some really good and authentic Indian food, we recently visited Delhi6 and are sharing all the details on this family-owned hidden gem! 

Updated February 2022


Located at the Shops at Highland Village, Delhi6 was opened by two brothers from New Delhi who wanted to bring fresh and quality Indian food to Texas. They previously co-owned India Grill in Arlington and after noticing a lack of great Indian food options farther north near Highland Village, they decided to open their own spot just days before the pandemic hit in 2020. 

The Space

The space has a lively and modern feel to it, and everything you see, from the textiles and art on the walls to the plates and knives, were brought over from India! They also have a patio that is lit up with festive string lights that resemble the bustling and colorful streets of New Delhi at night. It's truly such a cool vibe!


The Food

The extensive menu offers a variety of traditional Indian dishes with both vegetarian and meat options. To start, we tried the garlic naan bread, veggie samosas, and gobi Manchurian - a crispy cauliflower tossed in a flavorful sauce! For your main course opt for any of their curries like the Shahi korma and tikka masala or any of the dishes cooked in their traditional tandoor oven. For dessert try one of their three Kulfi options, which is traditional Indian ice cream. Everything we had was so fresh and flavorful, and the presentation of each Indian cuisine was 10/10! Since their menu is so big we recommend going with a group so you can share a bunch of different items.


Sunday Buffet

On Sundays you can fully indulge in their all day buffet for only $24.99!

We love supporting amazing hidden gems like this one, and it's truly worth the trip to Highland Village to immerse yourself in Indian culture and fare!

Photos courtesy of Delhi6.