With summer travel and rising temps here, it can be challenging trying to save energy while cooling your place! We’re partnering with BKV Energy, a Texas energy company that knows what Texans want – affordable prices and transparent policies! In collaboration with their team, we’re sharing ways you can save on energy this summer whether you’re home or away!

Updated July 2024



Based in DFW but serving Texans all over the state, BKV Energy is a go-to choice when looking for an energy provider! They’re known for their simple, flexible, and affordable energy plans while educating their customers on how to get the most out of their energy. From providing tips on how to use less energy, flexible payment plans, and a great loyalty program, they’re all about their customers!


BKV Energy House



To combat high electricity costs this summer, BKV Energy recommends these practical tips:


Optimize Thermostat

Set your thermostat to 78F during the day or even a little higher while you’re away to avoid unnecessary cooling costs.


Use Fans, not AC

Use ceiling fans and portable fans to stay cool, and turn them off when leaving the room.


Smart Water Heating

Lower water heater temperature and take shorter, cooler showers.


Efficient Appliance Use

Use washers and dryers only when running full loads.


Efficient Baking

Don’t open the oven to check on your food, instead use the light!


Lighting Strategy

Take advantage of natural light in the morning and close blinds in the afternoon to reduce cooling needs.


BKV Energy also has a blog with 100 energy-saving tips if you want to learn more!



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