May 2021

It's starting to feel like normal again with restaurants reopening, travel resuming and going out becoming more possible. And we don't want a repeat of 2020 to ever make its return again! But COVID is still around, so we do think it's important to remember that we can still get tested regularly to help stop any community spread or spikes that might occur while we start enjoying more travel, restaurants, sports games and entertainment! Introducing GoGetTested’s fully mobile platform for COVID testing!


GoGetTested is powered by GoGetDoc, a digital platform focused on making healthcare more accessible and easy to use. Since the beginning of the pandemic over 1 million people across the country got their COVID testing scheduled through GoGetTested where you can get tested in just 3 easy steps from any mobile device!

The best part is that getting tested is a 100% mobile process for utmost convenience. Then you can travel confidently (even to restaurants, bars and events) with your negative test! Plus you can look forward to not having to wait in long lines for COVID services because your test will only take about 10 minutes!



Step 1 is to go to their website to schedule a test at their closest location to you.. Then GoGetTested will send you a message with instructions and confirmation! From there, head to your testing location with your driver's license, show the QR code that is sent to you and your test should take about 10 minutes! Results are sent via SMS usually within 48 hours.



The main questions when it comes to testing or vaccinations are cost + insurance! We’ll keep it simple: GoGetTested is free, bottom line. There is no out of pocket cost and you don’t need insurance. Even without insurance, your test is free! You can breathe easy knowing there are no hidden costs waiting after the process is complete.




To learn more + get started with GoGetTested, head to!