Kuby's is an absolute precious gem that has been in Snider Plaza across from SMU since 1961! With a German Tudor facade you can’t miss, the space will take you back in time, and to another country, when entering the German market.

Updated January 2021


The owner, Karl Kuby, was born in Kaiserslautern, Germany and comes from generations of sausage makers since the 1700s. So when he arrived in Dallas, he opened up his own meat market, wanting to show Texas the fine sausages and specialty meats that he enjoyed growing up. And he uses the original recipes handed down over all that time!



You’ll find 80 different types of sausage and meat products made in-house, plus a selection of German side dishes and salads, from sauerkraut to potato salad and more. There are also shelves of products from Europe plus Kuby’s own dressings, jams, pie fillings and more. You’ll even find fondue cheese here if you’ve been looking!


There’s also a German restaurant serving all three meals with of course the most popular dish being the Wurst Teller (homemade sauerkraut, hot German potato salad and red cabbage). You’ll also come across spaetzle, wiener schnitzel, Rouladen and other traditional dishes in a very Ratskeller (German bar) fashion.


National Recongition

Not only is Kuby’s a Texas institution, but just recently, Food and Wine named it one of the best butcher shops in the country, alongside Deep Cuts in North Dallas!


Wild Game Processing

Across town, Kuby’s also has a wild game processing plant, another generations old part of the family business. If you hunt your own meat or fish, you can take it to Kuby’s to be prepared.