At the end of 2019, Henderson Ave lost a beloved Irish bar, Capitol Pub. It was a great casual spot that you could always count on for great times and really good food. But luckily, the owners brought us a new pub, Lochland's in Lake Highlands at the start of 2020!

Updated December 2020


The owners of these Irish pubs (they also own The Dubliner) are the super sweet Peter and Cheryl, and Peter is Irish born so he knows what he’s doing with both the atmosphere and food! You’ll find authentic food, a really great brunch, and a local neighborhood scene with people watching sports, playing lawn games and hanging out.



Unlike Capitol Pub which had more a old school rustic vibe, Lochland’s is more upscale and modern in style, while still maintaining that pub atmosphere. The highlight is the backyard beer garden (if you don’t know it’s there you’ll miss it since you have to walk around to the back to enter). It’s a huge space with picnic tables, corn hole and lounge areas.



Find classic Irish dishes here like Shepherd’s Pie and fish and chips, along with classic pub fare like burgers, schnitzel, loaded cheese fries and more. And make sure to drop by for brunch too! Their bloody is so good!

So add Lochland’s to your list if looking for a neighborhood pub, dog & kid friendly patio or just a great casual environment with good food!