Feeling brave this Halloween season, or any time of year?! Head to one of Austin's many (and very scary) REAL life paranormal sites that will give you goosebumps!

Updated October 2023



THE (HAUNTED) DRISKILL HOTELphoto courtesy of The Driskill

Not just one of Austin's most haunted, The Driskill is known as of the most haunted places in Texas! It was named after the owner Colonel Jesse Driskill who is rumored to be seen overlooking Sixth and Brazos Streets. Learn more about the folklore of the cowboy, the bride, the child, the painting, and the POTUS that are said to still be haunting the hallways of this place. You just might run into President Lyndon B. Johnson at the Driskill Bar!

6th St. | Directions


This famed mansion is one of the oldest residences in the US with ghosts to prove it! Walk through the mansion and find the ghost of Sam Houston and a 19-year-old man who shot himself in this house. Rattling, moans, groans, and turning door knobs can be heard! 

Downtown | Directions


This beloved Texas landmark has lots of supernatural activity! Sightings include Comptroller Robert Marshall Love and a lady in red waltzing around. Plus, you can see handprints on the windows that can’t be scrubbed off and will reappear even if replaced!

Downtown | Directions


Oakwood Cemetary
photo courtesy of Oakwood Cemetary

The city’s oldest cemetery is full of Texas history, with residents dating back to the Battle of the Alamo! People have claimed to feel uneasy sensations down their spine as they walk through the grounds of Oakwood. If you want to visit at night for all of the spooky vibes, it's been said to ask a guard for access!

I-35 | Directions


Lots of spirits hang around, but some of the most well-known are those of a young man who fell out of a window in the Maloney Room at St. Ed's. There's also the story of the Mary Moody Northern Theatre, where the spirit of a student hanged himself. There have been reports of shadows crossing the walls and even chasing them down corridors! 

South Congress | Directions


Austin's Inn was from 1896 and is now a curated spot for supernatural lovers! Although remodeled, they can’t seem to wash away the past. You may find a woman weeping on a rocking chair, babies crying, lights flickering on and off, and lots of loud bangs! 

Pearl St. | Directions


Littlefield Homephoto courtesy of Littlefield Home

Alice Littlefield, experienced grave bouts of schizophrenia – and never left the house. She died in the house and has been stuck in her little asylum at LFH. Folklore says that she can still be seen from the second-story windows!

University | Directions


The ghost at this hotel is the spirit of a man, Jack, who committed suicide by jumping off a balcony. Since he could not pay his tab, his name remains in the computer system. Ask the receptionist for more stories from previous guests if you decide to check in for a night!

Downtown | Directions


photo courtesy of Moonshine

Flooding occurred near the building in the early 1900s and the drowned ghosts never left! People have been tapped on the shoulder and sometimes bottles will fly off the shelves. Order a moonshine flight during your visit to see why the ghosts have chosen to stay!

Red River St. | Directions