Whether you're in summer prep mode or are looking to pamper yourself just for fun, we’re excited to highlight SEV Laser Aesthetics, an affordable, yet high quality med spa in Uptown!

Updated March 2022



SEV Laser Aesthetics is a premium medical spa that offers laser treatments, fillers, botox and more. The LA-based spa can be found in several states across the country and now in Uptown! They are known for their elite laser technology that is for all skin types. Plus, they have the cutest girly aesthetic with florals and cheeky quotes on the walls!



Looking to get rid of unwanted hair? Sev is your go-to! Get different parts of the body lasered and enjoy the second names for the procedures! The names make the whole process so much more fun since they're all classic movies, like Clueless and Dirty Dancing. Prices range from $15 for smaller areas to $475 for full body, so make sure to visit their website for their pricing list!



In addition to laser hair removal, Sev offers three other self-care services to help you look and feel your best. Laser skin tightening, injectables and dermal fillers, and botox treatments are all available for you to discuss with their staff to meet your needs. Check out their blog for more details and for videos demonstrating various procedures.



Sev offers a variety of med spa services, and if you buy 5 sessions you get your 6th one free! Traveling soon? Sev has eight locations across the country, so if you can't make it to the Uptown location, you know you will get taken care of just as well at any of their other spas!