Greenville is growing by the day! The brainchild of Rye, Apothecary, is officially open in Lower Greenville! The avant-garde, apothecary themed cocktail lounge caters to adventurous foodies and cocktail connoisseurs who enjoy the unique side of dining!

Updated February 2022


The Vibe 

In speakeasy style, Apothecary is somewhat hidden behind an unassuming metal entrance next to The Merchant! Inside is an intimate experience with moody beats, cozy seating and a swanky, timeless style that will touch all your senses! The aesthetic embodies a grand sitting room. 
The eclectic decor is a mix of modern flair and funky old world found around local estate sales. If you look close, you’ll find real historic relics on the walls. Plus we loved all the peacock decor from the wallpaper to the lamps and even a peacock feather in the staff’s ensemble!  


Pick your poison with a menu of cocktail sections where natural based remedies inspire the drinks, like the Suterberry 75 that will subtly numb your teeth + tongue because it uses prickly ash, a natural ingredient Native Americans used for medicine!
Our advice is to be bold and try new things whether it’s a libation that involves tableside cocktail smoking, liquid nitrogen, a white chocolate cricket or a squid ink-infused cocktail served with a charred octopus tentacle because yes, that’s a thing!


The goal is to bring new flavors, styles and techniques that you can’t find anywhere else thanks to the culinary backing you’d find at Rye For one bite selections, there’s the Torched Wagyu Nigiri, Lotus Root Chip and Oyster Not Oyster (vegan & made with an edible shell!)Dishes range from $7-$65 but if you’re willing to go all in you can spring for the $500 Caviar Service with edible gold accompanied by two martinis! Top it off with a Candelabra for dessert where the candles are cakelike creations you can eat!