We recently introduced the brand new Hotel Swexon and its multiple public and private guest-only dining concepts. And now the last piece of the development is here, with the opening of a late-night lounge and night club Babou’s, along with a cocktail bar, Library at Babou’s. Named after Salvador Dali’s pet ocelot, both are open to visitors and hotel guests!

Updated August 2023



An intimate late-night lounge and nightclub, Babou’s is an elusive lower-level hideaway bar where you’ll find a disco ball, lights, beautiful art, and an overall sultry and chic atmosphere. DJs will fill the space with trendy tunes to dance to until 2 in the morning.




On the first floor, you’ll find the complement to Babou’s…The Library is filled with bookcases, cozy furniture, and meticulously crafted cocktails. It’s the perfect spot for a quiet conversation over their signature The Devil was a Ginger or Mr. Salvador Dali cocktails. If hungry, try a mini wagyu corndog or lobster steam bun.

MORE AT Hôtel Swexan

If you missed our original introduction to the Hôtel Swexan and its new food and beverage concepts:

Isabelle’s: an all-day upscale martini bar and restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee, and cocktails. Find it past the lobby and open to all!

Stillwell’s: a new steakhouse for visitors and hotel guests alike, you’ll find an homage to Dallas and the families that built the city into what it is today through the design and menu, and you’ll have the chance to try Harwood’s very own beef program.

Pomelo: the Moroccan-inspired pool bar that overlooks the skyline for hotel guests to enjoy (especially at sunset!)

Léonie: the bright and stunning rooftop garden restaurant for hotel guests that serves all three meals and makes you feel like you’re in a rooftop garden!