Hillside Farmacy is a beloved restaurant in East Austin that’s great for everything from a boozy brunch to date night! The restored space, which was once an actual pharmacy, is now an Insta-worthy restaurant and specialty grocery store filled with nods to its historical roots.

Updated September 2023



Hillside Farmacy is housed in a building owned by one of the oldest standing African American East Austin residents. In the ’50s, pharmacist Doc Young and his family operated Hillside Drugstore. The drugstore closed in the 70’s and the deteriorating building was lovingly restored by the Hillside Farmacy team, which led them to receive a Preservation Austin Award for their efforts.

Hillside Farmacy


A cute indoor space with a vintage feel to it with several items throughout highlighting its history, including the original Hillside Drugstore cabinetry and re-installed soda fountain machine. The front and side patio might be our favorite, as they are surrounded by greenery and bistro-style tables/chairs, making you feel like you’re on vacation in the middle of your own city. The charming environment honestly makes it hard to leave!


If you didn’t catch it from the name, Hillside Farmacy is a farm-to-table restaurant. They’re open for drinks and dinner during the week and a delicious brunch on the weekends, serving American food with Southern influences. Our evening go-tos include the Oysters Rockefeller, Pimento Cheese, and House Charcuterie Board. BUT everything for brunch and dinner is perfection. They are also well known for their signature housemade fountain sodas, which can be served with booze. Or opt in for fresh cocktails like the Pick Me Up Fizz or La Diable!

If you have friends in town and are looking to take them somewhere special or want a cute space for date night, this is the spot! Hillside Farmacy truly is a treat no matter what time of day you go.