Is 2024 the year you become involved in your community?! We have the perfect (free) opportunity for you! Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) has grown to become the largest youth mentoring organization in the country and is right here in Dallas. Learn about what it looks like to become a mentor to a child in DFW and why it’s important to ignite potential in our youth!

Updated February 2024



Founded in 1927 with a vision to bring awareness to mentoring, BBBS's mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships with youth in our community. Around 400 kids in DFW are eagerly waiting for their mentors, so volunteers are especially needed now! There are also programs within BBBS that involve visiting elementary schools, so you can find a program that works with you, your passions, and your schedule!


Big Brothers Big Sisters



BBBS makes intentional matches between adult volunteers (bigs) and children (littles), creating opportunities for personal growth, mentorship, and lifelong connections. Once matched, Bigs and Littles are encouraged to spend quality time together 2-3x a month doing everyday activities like playing games, going to the park, having a meal together, etc.

We also want to highlight Mentor 2.0, where you’re matched with high school students. 50 students at Irving High School are waiting for their Big, and most are men, so if you’re interested, read the below to take the next steps!




My favorite memories of being a Big Brother "...has to be watching Nathan go from being a shy kid to gaining confidence and becoming a lead in "The Music Man. ”

-Big Brother Kelly Sparkman



"Having a mentor has forever shaped my life. I came into the program at such a young age, so the impact my big Kelley was able to have on me has been tremendous. As a kid, I didn't have a father in my home or in my life, and Kelley quickly filled that hole. I met Kelley when he was not much older than I am now, and have had the privilege to go through 14+ years of my life having Kelley in it. It's hard to fully sum up in words what Kelley means to me and the impact he has had on my life. I don't think I would be half the person I am today without Kelley's guidance and support. In a conversation with Kelley recently, he told me one promise he made to himself was that regardless of what was going on, regardless of what it took, he was going to show up for me. That was all I could've asked for as a kid, and Big Brothers gave me that when this six-foot-something guy walked into my house and told me he was my "new big brother." Big Brothers did more than just give me a mentor, they gave me a father figure and my best friend."

-Little Brother Nathan Martinez



Beyond becoming a Big, you can support the organization by participating as a donor or making donations! For parents who recognize their children's potential, enroll your child in the program to become a little and ultimately build a brighter future for them!

If you’re interested in becoming a Big, donating, or enrolling your child, take the first step at to learn more and set up an initial call!