Get your glow on at Glow Sauna Studios with a personalized infrared sauna experience that will help you achieve your wellness goals. Stop by to enjoy a sauna treatment that will boost your cardiovascular health, skin, figure, overall wellness and more!

Updated March 2022


Glow Sauna Studios is a premier infrared sauna studio that offers a variety of treatments, so you can customize your experience. They use 3-in-1 infrared technology that combines near, mid and far wavelengths to suit your personal needs! Whether you are looking to schedule a solo or a group session, you can expect to enjoy the peace and quiet of a sauna cabin or pod! The new location in Addison is the second spot to open in Texas with many more coming to the metroplex and beyond.



While in the sauna, the processes the body goes through creates about 20 different benefits, which are all explained on Glow's website. Cellular detoxification, immune system boosting, and skin rejuvenation are just a few of the main categories of benefits you can expect. After three sessions you can expect to feel de-stressed, after 4-8 sessions your body is undergoing the detoxification process more intensely, after 9-16 that process intensifies even more and you're glowing, and after 17+ sessions this lifestyle change starts to manifest in new ways beyond just feeling good internally! Choose to get your glow on in a pod or in a sauna and enjoy the healing it brings!



There are several great packages to choose from! You can enjoy 1 week unlimited for $59, a 3-session pack for $89, a 6-session pack for $159 or a 9-session pack for $199.


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