Highlighting another Denton gem, Gnome Cones (aka the cutest gnome shaped shaved ice ever)! If you love a good snow cone, you’re in for a treat with the open-year-round Gnome Cones! They’re all natural, and they really lean into their theme. It’s the most adorable experience!

Updated August 2021


Gnome Cones was founded in 2017 by two friends who wanted to upgrade the snow cone experience and get rid of the styrofoam cups and questionable artificial ingredients that traditionally come along with your favorite childhood treat. After years of joking about the concept and spending many hours in the kitchen finding the perfect ice consistencies and testing unique flavor combinations, the first Gnome Cones was opened in Argyle. People quickly fell in love with the super unique (and delicious) gnome shaped snow cones, so in 2019 they expanded to a larger retail space in Denton where they could stay open year round!

The Snow Cones

Everything at Gnome Cones is all-natural and free from artificial preservatives, dyes, sweeteners and flavors! A majority of their treats are also gluten-free and dairy-free! In addition to snow cones, they also have gnomesicles (popsicles), ice cream, and for those of you who can’t get down with snow cones in the winter, they offer things like hot cocoa and wassail once it gets cooler outside.


Location & Vibes

In addition to their location on the Denton square, they have a stand in Argyle, which was actually the original! If you want the full Gnome Cones experience we recommend visiting the Denton spot, where you’ll find a gnome-themed interior made to look like a gnome home with employees dressed in gnome outfits! Best part? They even call your order out in a gnome voice!  So mark this spot down the next time you’re in Denton, or head up there ASAP just to try if you’re a true gnome or snow cone fan!

Book Them For Events

P.S. It's a super cute idea for a kids birthday or an at-home event… they bring the gnome cone experience to you! Their gnomemobile will pull up to your neighborhood or event and hand out their popsicles! Only a $35 minimum purchase is required!