When you think of baseball games in the summer, you probably imagine yourself being fairly hot for much of the time. That’s why we love that the Frisco Roughriders allows fans to watch the games via lazy river! Check it off your summer bucket list ASAP!

Updated May 2021


Located in Frisco, the RoughRiders is a minor league baseball team. Their ballpark, with a Dr. Pepper sign you can't miss, sits right across from IKEA and has an East Coast summer home design to it making it feel like a great summer weeknight/end activity!


About the River

Did you know the river opened in 2016 and the first occupant was Dirk Nowitzki? It provides one of the most unique viewing experiences in the professional sports world and sits above the right-field wall at Riders Field, providing 360-degree views. Bring a towel, clothes, and floats if you want, although the ballpark does provide their own floats. 


When to Float

You can purchase tickets to watch the game from the Lazy River for Thursday and Sunday games. While guests of all ages are welcome Sundays, Thursdays are reserved for visitors 21+ as they can enjoy the Lazy River as part of the Blue Norther Hard Seltzer Rowdy At The River. This includes $2 Blue Norther Hard Seltzers, $2 draft beers, access to the Lazy River and to the new Bullpen Bar, and live music from DJ Elusive. The river is also open to groups of 25-200 every home game (except Thursdays and Sundays). Rowdy at the River tickets are $25 per person, and Sunday tickets are $41 per person.