Dallas is finally getting a transformational park near Downtown that will combine nature & urban living… and it looks insane! Spanning 250 acres along the Trinity River, Harold Simmons Park is officially breaking ground in 2024, and we have all the deets!

Updated December 2023


Envisioned by San-Antonio-based architecture firm Lake Flato, the park’s design includes a two-story event pavilion & other architectural gems like shaded sports courts, a dog park, a two-story cafe, playground, Dallas’ largest skate park, and more!

With an expected annual attendance of between 4 and 6 million visitors, Harold Simmons will be uniting West Dallas, Oak Cliff, and Downtown Dallas, ultimately creating new urban connections that overcome physical barriers.

The park has been in the talks for years now, but their plans have changed which is what caused the delay. The brick & mortars are now going to be built outside the leaves.


Harold Simmons Park



This new park will be nestled between the iconic Margaret McDermott Bridge and Ronald Kirk Bridge just west of downtown and will comprise 200 acres of the Trinity River’s nature preserves. The other 50 acres will boast breathtaking overlooks atop levees on both sides, providing unparalleled views of the city skyline and the stunning greenery along the Trinity. Plus the park will even be connected to the Katy Trail via the East Overlook!

P.S. there will be around 280 parking spots nearby to help visitors access all of these experiences.



The park’s inaugural build covering 22 acres, aka The West Overlook, promises 20 distinct unique experiences, including:

🛝 Playground featuring 6 towers and 4 slides

🌳 Event lawn for gatherings and festivals

🧺 Shed structure for markets and art crawls

🚲 Two-acre bike and skate park

🐕‍🦺 Dog park

🏐 Two sand volleyball courts

🏀 Shaded basketball court

🏓 Pickleball courts

🌾 Prairie walk through wildflowers

💦 Splash pad with water repurposed for plant irrigation

☕ Two-story cafe

🛶 Cable ferry for kids along a canal

It’s not clear when the project will be completed, but what do you think about this new park!? We'll be anxiously waiting for its opening!