Some suburban news! Frisco will soon be home to the “Butterfly Rest Stop,” one of the largest outdoor public art installations in Texas! It’s part of the long-awaited Kaleidoscope Park set to open this fall, bringing outdoor workspaces, gardens, play areas, and more!

Updated July 2024



Kaleidoscope Park is a part of a two-decade, multibillion-dollar Hall Park redevelopment project that started construction in 2021 and is slated to open this October! The 6-acre recreational area next to The Star in Frisco will feature lawns for picnics and outdoor performances, dog parks, and children’s play areas!

The whole park is not open yet, but it did just open its gates to a vibrant new addition: the “Butterfly Rest Stop” sculpture that you can go visit now!


Kaleidoscope Park Butterfly Rest Stop Frisco

Renderings courtesy of Kaleidoscope Park


The installation was designed by world-renowned artist Janet Echelman and is suspended high above the Art Plaza. It celebrates the annual migration of monarch butterflies through Frisco (how cool is that!) and as the name suggests, it’s a literal butterfly rest stop! The sculpture itself is meant to evoke the flowers that attract monarchs, and the milkweed around it creates a space for the butterflies to rest and pollinate on their migration trip!

Fun fact: The sculpture is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers used by NASA for the Mars Rover and forms the shape of flowers as seen from above!



Beyond the Butterfly Rest Stop installation, enjoy the many other experiences at Kaleidoscope Park, including:

💻 Wifi-enabled pavilions

🛝 Children’s play areas

🖼️ Public art installations

🐕‍🦺 Dog Parks

🎶 Live performances

🌱 Large lawn space

So be sure to visit the butterfly garden now, and the whole park this fall once it’s all open!