KSP and its glorious late night throwback dancing & jell-o syringes, is back…and with a renovated menu and space on Henderson Ave.

Updated February 2022


KSP Henderson

If you aren’t familiar, KSP used to sit on Knox, in a dive bar type space, and was known for its late nights complete with throwback music and red jell-o syringe shots! It finally did close down, after a year of rumors, but the new and improved KSP Henderson now sits next to Barcadia! The DJ and the Jell-O injectors are the same…with a modern space making KSP a great spot to visit beyond 12 am too!


Walk into KSP Henderson to find a sleek and gray-toned restaurant with modern tables, a long bar, a back room for whiskey tasting, late night dancing or private events, and a patio space that casual with picnic tables yet serene with trees, hanging lights and a water feature. Not what you might expect when you think of KSP, but they have leveled up! 

Don’t worry though…those late night parties are still there come Friday and Saturday, with the same DJ even, spinning the throwback tunes!

The Food & Drink

It may come as a surprise, but yes, KSP Henderson actually has really solid bar food! The owner cares deeply about the quality of the food and has perfected a menu of pizzas, wings, tenders, patty melts, burgers and more. A standout for us was the Barbecue Chicken Pizza - it’s 18”, spicy and A+! Order a beer on draft or try a cocktail like the Paper Plane, Gimlet or Sazerac. There’s even an extensive whiskey and bourbon selection - a fun secret offering that even the former Knox KSP held!


Twenty-three TV’s means that it’s a great spot for sports viewing but if you’re looking for that nostalgic throwback night out, come by Friday and Saturdays from 10pm-2am! Britney Spears (#FreeBritney), Backstreet Boys, and more 90’s and 2000’s jams are awaiting, paired with those impossible-to-resist Jell-O injectors!