Ready to make those PTO days count!? Claim your spot on an epic trip with Ladies Abroads, the travel company who plans bucket list trips around the world and handles everything! All you have to do is choose your destination, book your trip and enjoy your much needed vacay!

Updated March 2023



Ladies Abroad


The Ladies Abroad is our go-to for travel plans! They plan curated trips for women with the most perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. The incredible travel is committed to inspiring and encouraging women to see the world either solo or with friends! Your trip includes epic excursions at each dreamy destination, such as private sunset cruises, Northern Lights tours, camel ride safaris, pasta cooking classes, and so much more!

Their guests end up enjoying themselves and their trips so much that they end up with booking again the following year! All you have to do is register and they will plan everything else and curate the most magical experience for you!


2023 TRIPS

🤍Athens & Santorini: 6/9 - 6/15 (7 spots left)

🇬🇷 Athens & Mykonos: 7/1- 7//7 (6 spots left)

⛱ The Amalfi Coast: 7/10 - 7/16 (2 spots left)

🍝 Florence & Tuscany: 7/18 - 7/24 (6 spots left)

🌊 Santorini & Mykonos: 8/22 - 8/28 (6 spots left)

🌿 Bali: 8/24 - 8/30 (5 spots left)

🐫 The Best of Egypt: 9/13 - 9/20 (5 spots left)

❤️ Marrakech, Morocco: 10/10 - 10/17 (5 spots left)

✨ Dubai: 10/20 - 10/26 (7 spots left)

🇯🇵 The Best of Japan: 10/29 - 11/5 (3 spots left)

❄️The Best of Iceland: 11/8 - 11/14 (5 spots left)

🐘 Bangkok & Chiang Mai: 12/4 - 12/12 (6 spots left)



If one of these trips is calling your name, then head to their website and claim your spot! You can sign up with friends or solo and make new friends, while making new memories! Also, The Ladies Abroad now offers private trips! Whether you’re booking an over-the-top bachelorette bash, much-needed family vacay, or romantic getaway, they will make it happen!

Share this with your travel buddy and reserve your spot now for the trip of a lifetime!