Morning drinks, pastries from local bakeries, and endless vinyls, we came across the coolest Spin Coffee & Vinyl in North Dallas and can’t wait to go back to keep record exploring and coffee sipping!

Updated February 2022


The father-son duo had previously owned House of Poets, an antique store meets open mic nights. Just before covid, they decided to sell their concept but became restless, missing the fun! They both had collected records for years and decided to open a record store, but craving that welcoming feeling their past concepts had, they took it a step further to offer a full-service espresso bar!


The record player playing oldies, the coffee aroma, the vinyls scattered throughout the shop…plus guests chatting and playing board games, the ambience and vibes are on point! If you’re looking for a chill and intimate coffee shop hang out, this is definitely the spot!

Food & Drink

Their coffee bar has the usual flavors like vanilla and chocolate but also takes it up a notch with lavender and hazelnut (including several that are sugar-free). Their hot chai latte was so cozy and sprinkled with cinnamon and paired perfectly with a pastry from La Casita Bakeshop  and Reverie Bakeshop!

The Vinyl

We flipped through dozens of classics, but also found several modern vinyl. You’ll also find punk, jazz, pop and more! You can even purchase turntables and accessories from the store. 

Overall it’s a super fun and funky space! Pro tip, grab one of the many board games stacked on the back table and play a couple rounds! The owners intended for this shop to feel like an extension of their home and want guests to feel welcome and enjoy themselves!