Dallas just got a whole lot sweeter this month with the opening of several ice cream shops around town including Van Leeuwen Ice Cream! It came from the streets of NYC to set up shop in the former Paciugo spot next to the Magnolia Theater in @westvillage_dallas, adding a desperately needed ice cream option to our city! 

(For as hot as Dallas gets, it sometimes blows our mind that we don’t have ice cream in every corner!)

Updated May 2022



Van Leeuwen started in a yellow food truck in 2008 to bring people good ice cream made from good ingredients. They don’t try to be too healthy, but they do care that you can pronounce every ingredient. Ironic since we have a hard time pronouncing its Dutch name, named after the brothers who founded the shop.



If you notice on the colorful cartons, which you may have already seen over the years in Central Market or other markets, that the ice cream is called out as French. As Van Leeuwen explains on their website, if you use twice as many egg yolks as standard ice cream, you must call it French! And that is apparently their secret sauce in perfecting “the best ice cream on earth.”


Strawberry Margarita is the flavor to try, as they made it special just for the Dallas location. But we also tried the honeycomb after being told it’s the most popular, and wow, simple but amazing! (Pro tip: add honeycomb topping too!) Upon return, we are excited to try the Earl Grey Tea. 

And s/o to vegans or dairy-free, there’s tons of options for y’all too! Churros & Fudge, Oat Milk Brown Sugar Chunk, Sicilian Pistachio, Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll and more! Also, they have floats, sandwiches and a few more fun offerings.



Find Van Leeuwen across from Namo, you can’t miss the bright yellow facade and pink interior with a minimal, colorful and retro design. There’s enough space to walk in, order at the counter and sit at the one table if it’s free. Or wander around West Village with a fresh baked waffle cone in hand!

So save this spot to catch a break from the hot weather next time you need one!