Attention all basketball lovers: the 2024 Athletes Unlimited Women’s Basketball Tournament is landing in Dallas via Fair Park with their first game on Thursday, February 29th! Make it a date night or bring the whole family, for 5 weeks of nonstop action, where the teams change weekly and each play is an opportunity to win!

Updated February 2024


2024 Athletes Unlimited Pro Basketball

From February 29th to March 23rd, the 2024 Athletes Unlimited Pro Basketball season will feature 40 players competing on four separate teams. 18 of those players played for the WNBA last season, and 11 others, including five-time All-Star Angel McCoughtry, boast WNBA experience! Plus, current Dallas Wings player Odyssey Sims, and all time Wings favorite, Allisha Gray, will be playing as well!


Athletes Unlimited Women's Basketball



The tournament works by athletes earning points through both their individual and team performance. Each week the top 4 players on the leaderboard get to select their teams for the following week, constantly switching things up and giving the fans a new lineup! At the end of the season, the player with the most points will be crowned the AU Pro Basketball’s individual champion! Plus, players and fans get a chance to vote for their MVP each week! 🥇



The 24-game tournament will be hosted at Fair Park Coliseum, and both individual and season tickets can be purchased at Pro tip: If you can’t make it to Fair Park, each game will be streamed for free through the WNBA app!