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Looking for a reliable energy provider that doesn’t break the bank? We’ve got you covered! BKV Energy is a Texas energy company that’s plugged into what Texans really want – affordable prices and transparent policies. They truly do more than just keep the lights on, and are helping residents take back their power when it comes to energy. Learn all the deets below!

Updated May 2024


BKV Energy

Based in DFW but serving Texans all over the state, BKV Energy is a go-to choice when looking for an energy provider! They’re known for their simple, flexible, and affordable energy plans, all while educating their customers on how to get the most out of their energy. From providing tips on how to use less energy, to flexible payment plans, to a great loyalty program, they’re all about their customers!


BKV Energy



Fair prices: They offer low prices per kWh, with no monthly base charges.

Simple plans: You can easily understand exactly how much you’ll pay per kWh, get alerts for high usage, and check your usage at any time.

Transparent communication: BKVE is upfront about rates, and has amazing customer service if you have any questions!

Save more, pay less: They work with customers to reduce spending and energy consumption.

Renewable energy: Reduce your footprint with the Bluebonnet Green plan!


What BKV Energy doesn’t do:

💸 No monthly base charges.

🔌 No usage requirement fees.

💡 No cancellation fee in the first 30 days.

⚡️ No gimmicky plans – just simple, affordable fixed rates.



BKV Energy’s Bluebonnet Plan offers the best value, several amazing benefits, and is fully customizable! You can choose from a variety of fixed-rate plans based on your needs, whether you rent or own. The Bluebonnet Plan has no base charge or usage fee, and you’re locked into the same price per kWh, so no unpredictable price increases! You’ll also get all of BKVE’s Premier+ benefits, like Spark Alerts, Contract Consultation, Save Now Pay Later, an amazing rewards program, and more.




BKVE offers several benefits for their customers, including:

ElectroShare: Get rewarded for saving energy and receive a percentage of BKVE’s profits each year – the longer you’re a customer, the higher the percentage you get!

Unlimited Referrals: When you refer a friend to BKV Energy, you each get $50!

VoltPoints: Customers get 25 points each month, and have chances to earn more, that can be used on gift cards, shopping deals, and more!


So, if you're moving or just looking for a new electric provider, check out BKV Energy!