If you're on a wine kick and haven't visited this little gem, Bodega Wine Bar, it's the perfect place for an A+ wine tasting! Sip, shop, and soak in all you will learn from the owner. For the full experience, check out the quarterly wine fairs!

Updated March 2021


Bodega Wine Bar opened in the early 2000’s in Knox originally, before closing down in 2012. But it eventually relocated and reopened in Lakewood in 2015! From the exterior, you might not think you’re about to walk into a wine wonderland, but prepare yourself… the owner is extremely knowledgeable, so you’ll get one of the best wine experiences in the city!


The Space

Walk into shelves full of wine, a dark cellar like interior, and hanging lights to perfect the romantic grotto. There’s even a fireplace! Sit at one of the high top tables, or cozy couch areas, or at the bar where you can talk to the owner about wine continuously! 

The Wine

At Bodega Wine, you’re surrounded by well-priced but high quality bottles that are perfect if you want to do some shopping. If you want to get to know some different wines by category, split into flights! From Old World Reds to New World Whites to Rose to Sparkling and more… there are 12 total ranging from $22-$40 that allow you to enjoy four small glasses. And of course, the owner will come up to educate you on each as you sip your glass of wine.



Cheese and charcuterie boards, a cypress and empanadas can fill your table and pair nicely with your glasses. Or bring in your own food to enjoy! Save this spot and go with your girlfriends or with your significant other for a lowkey date night. Regardless of who you go with, you will enjoy one of the best wine experiences in the city.