Not many restaurants here can say they’ve been around for 50 years, but West Lovers Lane Celebration now can! We had only visited once before, but their milestone reminded us we needed to share this institution with y’all! Not only is it a treasure, but it is insanely affordable!

Updated March 2021


Celebration opened in 1971 with a goal of providing fresh, sustainable and local produce and ingredients at an affordable price. Hence their slogan of being the original farm-to-table restaurant here! You can dine in for homestyle cooking, or you can order catering or to-go from the market next door!


The farm fresh menu is simple: choose your meat ranging from salmon to meat loaf to to roasted chicken to a veggie plate. There’s a dozen+ options, all priced under $18 (most in the $11-$14 range), which includes an assortment of homemade breads and three sides. Sides include salad, soup, mashed potatoes, red cabbage, fried okra, beans, and more. 

For dinner, you have the same entree options plus a vegetable lasagna, but portions are slightly bigger. Instead of sides, you get three vegetables served family-style, and your choice of soup, salad or fruit. Plus the breads! And because this is southern homestyle cooking, you can’t skip the pie, cobbler or banana pudding!



Every day, there’s a lunch or dinner special for $8.95, it and includes the sides/bread/extra. A crazyyy good deal! OR you can enjoy a second entree for FREE at dinner of the same or lesser value. It's southern comfort food at its finest!



It's a treehouse type atmosphere or inside in one of the many rooms, a Southwestern type vibe. There’s also a small bar area too, and it’s all set in a cute stone house! You’ll find that you might be one of the younger people there, but that is also part of the charm... watching the adorable grandmothers lunching! 

So add Celebration to your list and go support them for their 50th! And keep going back if you love a really good, simple and affordable meal!